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Tutorial/How To’s

How to Root or Un-Root your Samsung Device

Why Root? Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy S4 HTC One Samsung Galaxy Note II Samsung Galaxy S III HTC EVO 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Epic 4G Touch Motorola Photon 4G Samsung Epic 4G Samsung Nexus S 4G AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 HTC One Samsung Galaxy Note II Samsung Galaxy S III Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Nexus …

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How to remove personal information from Internet (Part 2)

For folks concerned about their personal information potentially costing them jobs and relationships, or for those dealing with the harsh realities of social media fallout, the decision to “pull the plug” is an increasingly attractive one. And while it might seem impossible to keep your private life private and your Internet presence to a minimum in a 24/7 connected world, the …

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How to Hack an App

Mobile Virus

So, why are so many apps susceptible to attack? Often times, with so much pressure to get the app to market, many developers overlook application protection as being a vital part in protecting their app against hackers. Among the most vulnerable area of attack, is the application’s binary code. Hackers can easily reverse-engineer an app’s binary code back to its …

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How to Build An Online Empire with Internet Marketing

When it comes to credibility online, there is nothing quite so helpful as being recognized as the authority in a given market. There are a number of ways to become that authority, but one of the quickest and most effective is to ensure that your name dominates the search results, allowing you the freedom and clout to leverage that popularity …

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How to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google in 2014

Great information on link building from an effective service and reference, links management.  Use their service for top quality links, but at the same time, diversify in your link building strategy and build your own natural links and add yourself to directories and relevant websites as well.  Note: this is not a paid/sponsored article and is actually useful and effective! …

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How to Backup SQL Website Databases with cPanel and cron via FTP or Email

Are you using cPanel with MySQL and need to do automatic backups one your website databases? You can set up a cron to backup your MySQL database several ways. Please note that all scripts for cron should end with a .php extension, and the file should…

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How to run an iPad in kiosk mode for your business

The iPad has proven to be a valuable business tool, many business users have enjoyed the productivity and communications benefit of using an iPad in business as a personal computing tablet. But there are other far reaching uses of the iPad for business use which many business owners have not managed to tap into. Business can use iPads enclosed in …

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How to be #1 on Google

Update/Related: Visit How to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google in 2014 It’s amazing how one can be #1 for a keyword out of over 1 BILLION results.  Even after previously being removed from the face of Google due to the Penguin update and marked as part of a spamming operation, after going over Google guidelines and practicing good, whitehat SEO, …

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Computer Virus Infections: Common Ways to Contract Them and How to Avoid Them

Happy 2013!  Viruses are becoming more widespread and more dangerous than ever.  Keep yourself safe and take necessary precautions to protect yourself. More than half of the business at computer repair and maintenance shops comes from custome…

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How to Disable Facebook’s facial recognition feature

Facebook, always winding up in a privacy debate battle; But imagine when Facebook's facial recognition feature backfires on you because now authorities and stalkers alike are able to scan your image (like google goggles) and automatically locate you and…

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