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Green Information Technology: Vital Concepts You Need to Know

Picture11 310x165 - Green Information Technology: Vital Concepts You Need to Know

Green technology is taking over in all areas of the world. From developing and streamlining new forms of energy production to creating computer systems and setting up futuristic networks, Green IT is one of the latest concepts to hit the modern world. Let’s face it, the vast majority of the energy we’ve use today is spent on our laptops, computers, …

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10 Ways technology is helping businesses | Save Money by Going Paperless

gestão de documentos1 310x165 - 10 Ways technology is helping businesses | Save Money by Going Paperless

Thousands of companies have recognized the potential to save money by going paperless.  Today’s modern technology offers a new world of possibilities regarding companies’ business operations. One of those possibilities to save money is to go digital, abandon the paper clutters and thus, cut costs. There are numerous benefits to changing companies’ practices and going paperless. This article will focus …

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5 Types of Green Tech that will Revolutionize the World

windmill 310x165 - 5 Types of Green Tech that will Revolutionize the World

With climate change, water shortage, and environmental pollution in the background, our only hope is green technology for a secure future. The World Count reveals that every hour witnesses a loss of 1,692 acres of productive land to desert. Nearly 27% of the coral reefs have become victim to human destruction. The remaining 60% will only take 30 years to …

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How to Transform Your Office into a Paperless One

paper ball 14258211 310x165 - How to Transform Your Office into a Paperless One

In the world of growing technology and the ability to jot things down on the piece of tech that you have with you, it is no wonder that the use of paper and ink have started to go out of style. With many trends shifting towards other means, the sales of paper and ink are still declining, slowly but surely. …

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Top Portable Solar Generators

81b7DkZJzL. SL1500 1 e1524504379838 310x165 - Top Portable Solar Generators

Solar generators are the ideal solution for a person who is worried about short-circuiting his electrical apparatus. A solar generator provides a portable source of power that can be used outdoor during holidays and camping or even in areas where electricity is scarce and needed as backup power for your technology and equipment. There are large varieties of solar generators …

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Selling and Recycling Laptops Online

7eae68b9 5e0c 4e9b 8961 038eab6127e71 310x165 - Selling and Recycling Laptops Online

We get good use out of our technology (mobile devices, laptops, etc.).  Like cars, we eventually want to move on to something better.  But as the saying goes, “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.”  But where does this treasure go and where can you sell or find it? Technology changes as fast as you can say “laptop”.   Upgrades and …

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Information Technology Articles

freeitbannr 310x165 - Information Technology Articles

Browse through our extensive list of free Information Technology magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your skills; topics include technology, IT management, business technology and e-business. Simply complet…

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Six Easy Ways to Save On Printing

printer 2 1153295 m1 300x165 - Six Easy Ways to Save On Printing

People complain that printing is too expensive. Yes, it is expensive but there are creative ways that help you lower your printing cost significantly. They include: Find used printing machinery Using second hand printing machines is a great way to save the environment and acquire cheaper equipment. Companies can also give new life to equipment by purchasing or acquiring used …

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Efficient Business Printing Practices

cmy k 14273051 310x165 - Efficient Business Printing Practices

As the world grows and consumer spending increases due to the need for more resources and products, so will the growth of all other aspects that go hand in hand with merchandise, such as packaging and brochures, advertising, marketing and point of sale.  Manufacturers are seeing 17% growth per year in demand for products, but to meet this demand, requires …

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Know How Solar Energy can change our Future!

solar 310x165 - Know How Solar Energy can change our Future!

If you are either a commercial business owner or homeowner; solar energy is a sustainable, affordable, and clean way for you to generate electricity. Many people are switching to solar because of its significant financial benefits, like increased home value and lower utility bill. However, you should know that environmental benefits are also equally important. Here are the benefits of …

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