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General Technology

Go “Green” with These Tech Items

silhouette technical 11924741 310x165 - Go “Green” with These Tech Items

How can we live lightly and help improve the earth while saving money and resources at the same time?  Climate change is all over the news and it seems like many are trying to “go green”.  There are many steps we can take to help stop climate change while making our lives better. Maybe it’s time to go green with …

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IBM reveals tech advances of the future

agt web 128x125 - IBM reveals tech advances of the future

Technicians at IBM's research labs in Switzerland have been demonstrating the technologies which they think will be big news in the future. Developments in the pipeline include a project that adds water to computer components and a battery which can ru…

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Where to sell broken iPhone 5

iphone 4 broken screen repair1 310x165 - Where to sell broken iPhone 5

Where to sell your broken iPhone – If you are like me, you have a iPhone or similar smartphone or android.  You use it daily if not hourly!  You use it more than anything else you own. As technology is used, things can happen.  Many of our devices will get broken or damaged, however the question to ask, is what …

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Solar Powered Linux Computer

aleutia e1 back1 310x165 - Solar Powered Linux Computer

Less than $300! - Ultra Low-Power: Display uses only 18 watts power - Unbreakable: Rugged, aluminium case. No moving parts. - Setup: Everything is pre-installed - 3 Year Warranty - Support - Weighs just over a pound and just 4.5" x 4.5" - Compl…

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ERP and Cloud Computing Landscape

33012 workflow1 300x165 - ERP and Cloud Computing Landscape

The ERP and Cloud Computing landscape is constantly changing, and moreso over the last few years. The unprecedented economic drivers of the global financial meltdown and subsequent global recession have brought companies of every industry and size to sc…

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Solar Plane Soars Over San Francisco Before Cross-Country Flight

865883 sunrise traveling by air1 300x165 - Solar Plane Soars Over San Francisco Before Cross-Country Flight

The solar airplane that will attempt to fly across the country has made its final test flight, spending most of the day soaring over San Francisco Bay on a day that couldn’t have been any prettier. Tuesday’s flight began at sunrise as pilot and Solar Impulse co-founder Bertrand Piccard departed Moffett Field in Mountain View. He spent much of the …

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World’s lightest material

A team of engineers claims to have created the world's lightest material. The substance is made out of tiny hollow metallic tubes arranged into a micro-lattice - a criss-crossing diagonal pattern with small open spaces between the tubes. The researche…

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Canada’s New Plastic Money

This week Canada introduced the first in its new line of all-plastic notes - Bills made out of a single sheet of plastic polymer full of high-tech security features. The new notes will last twice as long as paper money and will also be recycled, making…

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