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Our misc section offers articles on interesting tech and non-tech related content that we found to be shareable to our readers.  This section also shares articles on the crypto world as well as investing and other topics we find useful.

Books for Start-up Companies in 2019

Many well-known business experts have produced books to share their wealth of knowledge with the world. Picking up such a book and taking in the advice, is a valuable way of spending your spare time as an entrepreneur. We’ve selected a few top reads to help inspire you so take a look below. Arm yourself with great insights from these …

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How to Avoid the Potential Security Risks Associated with Online Gaming?

An online duel with your buddies always sounds fun. Even as a single player, you can find exciting virtual games. It is easy to pick your favorite one from a wide spectrum and jump into the field right away.  While doing so, the last thing on your mind is to think about security threats. The adrenaline rush of the challenges …

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What You Need to Know About Investing in Tech Stocks

Investing in stocks can be a great way to try and maximize the worth of your savings. If you have an interest in trading and learning how to do this yourself, then using an online trading platform can allow you to cut out the middleman and avoid paying a fee to have a managed fund. Of course, knowing which stocks …

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Vendor Risk Management & Complying With GDPR 

Risk exposure is haphazard, whether a company is large or small. Since the GDPR is now entirely imposed, organizations should observe best practices that are compliant. Among these is putting in place a robust vendor risk management program to help in identifying, tracking, and monitoring your firm’s risk exposure. Under the GDPR, your organization is likely to face penalties, fines, …

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Website Conversions Can Be Boosted By The Color Psychology, Here’s How You Can Do That

Isn’t it interesting to think of the usage of different colors in order to make your marketing effort more influential for your different group of customers? This is very unique idea to use and select the colors, which can change your marketing efforts and have a strong impact on your customers buying behavior as well as their response towards the …

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What Makes a Bitcoin ATM a Good Business Idea?

Bitcoin ATMs, from such companies as Coin Cloud ATM, can prove to be an excellent business idea. It is a good entrepreneurial venture for those who would like to take advantage of the continued popularity of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. Why is it an attractive business? Keep on reading and we’ll list down some of the reasons that can convince you …

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Bitcoin Mining Profitability

Originally posted 2015-08-07 23:31:17. Republished by Blog Post Promoter While it might seem late to get into mining Bitcoin, the price for Bitcoin did rocket to $1000 in 2014, only to come tumbling down to $200 today in August of 2015. Have we hit the bottom of that drop, and might we reach those highs again? Or is it a …

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What is Green Technology?

It’s also known as sustainable technology and is a term used to cover technology that’s considered to be environmentally friendly, either because of its production process or supply chain. It’s also been used when referring to energy production that’s less harmful to the environment than traditional ways of producing energy such as burning fossil fuels. When compared to technology as …

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Enhancing Paper Writing Services/Blogs with Innovations

In the digital era we live today, technology is enhancing many functions in a bid to improve their efficiency. However, have you considered the impact of artificial intelligence advancements on paper writing services? Most recently, bots were created to offer essay writing services and have changed its course nonetheless to a better one. To ensure that you can rip the …

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Professional Progression: How to Find Educational Opportunities in Your Career

Education is the cornerstone of successful careers. You’ll study throughout your youth – and maybe into higher education – in order to accumulate the skills and methods of thinking that make you a confident and competent worker. You’ll also find, over the course of a long career, that occasionally you’ll be required to resubmerge yourself in the nourishing waters of …

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