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Our misc section offers articles on interesting tech and non-tech related content that we found to be shareable to our readers.  This section also shares articles on the crypto world as well as investing and other topics we find useful.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Lazy Buyer

For some people, buying gifts is just not the least bit appealing. These people tend to leave it to the last minute and end up buying something either underwhelming or just completely wrong. If you’re the type of person that struggles for gift ideas but don’t like spending much time researching, this list is perfect for you. We’ve got many …

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Bitcoin Mining Profitability

Originally posted 2015-08-07 23:31:17. Republished by Blog Post Promoter While it might seem late to get into mining Bitcoin, the price for Bitcoin did rocket to $1000 in 2014, only to come tumbling down to $200 today in August of 2015. Have we hit the bottom of that drop, and might we reach those highs again? Or is it a …

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WordUp: Best Way to Improve your English Vocabulary

Are you learning English? Do you have a Smartphone? Cool!  You can learn English anywhere in many ways. For example, you can learn with listening to English music, YouTube Channels and podcasts for English learners. And let’s not forget: the applications to learn English. With these applications to learn English, it will be almost like a game – No more …

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Bitcoin, The Number One Cryptocurrency – Who Accepts It As A Form Of Currency?

Fintech has developed greatly since the early 1900’s, and we have seen a range of important technologies emerge such as ATM’s, payment networks, and visa cards, to name a few. In the last decade, we have seen a new type of Fintech blossom – cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that often use blockchain technology. This type of currency has no …

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How the Tech Revolution Transformed the Mortgage Market

Everything tech touches, it makes smarter. From the latest developments in the telecommunications to goal-line technology in football, the world around us has been improved by the latest tech innovations. With that being the case, it’s little surprise the financial world is embracing new, tech-forward ideas. Indeed, when money is on the line, banks and building societies want to ensure they …

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Facebook Libra Digital Currency

The Facebook plans to operate its own digital currency that which poses risks to the international banking system and this should trigger a speedy response from the global policymakers, that which is according to the organization that represents the world’s central banks. This move of the so called big tech firms such as the Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba into the …

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Best Torrent Sites 2019

Torrent sites are getting more and more difficult to come by due to copyright laws.  You need a list of torrent sites that are regularly updated and recommend continuing services. Here, we have compiled for you a complete and current list. Believe me, it was quite difficult to compile it, because even the best sites tend to disappear in a …

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How Blockchain Disruption Will Affect The Banking And Finance Sector

Blockchain might be the long awaited technology that will change the world and the future of transactions. While it is not easy to foresee how this technology will be implemented across different industries, there is no doubt that it will bring efficiency, transparency, and enhance privacy and security. The technology has the potential to change sectors for the better. One …

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Top 10 Cheap Upgrades to Boost any Computer

The time comes when your PC starts to “slow down” and we are not referring to a software slowdown, in that case, formatting could be enough and the PC would come back as new.  In this case, we are referring to hardware slowdown which could be remedied through computer repair or upgrades. Sometimes you just need to replace one or …

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5 Ways Information Technology in Construction is More Important Than Ever

There was once a time when IT and construction didn’t mix. Now, information technology in construction is absolutely vital. Here’s why. The construction industry in the United States is a 1.73 trillion dollar industry. With so much money at stake, it is only natural that a switch towards technology was inevitable. In the past, this industry was considered one of …

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