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Our misc section offers articles on interesting tech and non-tech related content that we found to be shareable to our readers.  This section also shares articles on the crypto world as well as investing and other topics we find useful.

Artificial Intelligence: 4 Ways It Can Boost Business Productivity

Thanks in no small part to current innovations with data storage, analysis, and cloud computing, AI or artificial intelligence has begun to take considerable strides in improving business workflows in many sectors, leading to a higher level of performance as a result. It also presents entrepreneurs with essential information to make informed decisions that will benefit their respective enterprises. And …

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The Future of Shopping

Mobile applications are changing the face of shopping.  For example, the Milo app allows you to search an item and connects you with the nearest stores that have the products you are looking for available and who has the best price. The barcod…

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7 Methods How Technology Is Altering the CBD Industry

Ever since the legalization of CBD products, technology has played an influential role in the industry. As a result, this has also contributed to the success of the CBD industry. Even the research conducted by respectable financial firms shows that the CBD business will be valued at over 22 billion dollars by 2022. Wall Street experts gauge that within ten …

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Working Mechanism of Weighing Scale

Everybody uses a weighing scale to check their body weight. Individuals use a bathroom scale to check body weight. Shopkeepers and food retailers use digital scales to weigh the food items they sell to their customers. Businesses and industries use them for weighing products and packages in warehouses. But have you ever wondered how these weighing scales work? The working …

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From Vintage Video Games to Virtual Reality – Gaming Trends of the Past, 2020 and Beyond

As technology evolves, so does the advancement of gaming technology.  The two industries go hand in hand.  They both use and interact with the same infrastructures; computers, networking, the internet, and the cloud. Black and White, 2 Tone Gaming In early years like the 70’s, gaming and computers shared black and white, two-tone, graphical interfaces.  Pong was a popular game …

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How Technology is Changing the Way We Travel

Technology has transformed the world tremendously. The tasks that used to take weeks can be completed in minutes and seconds with the help of technology. One sector that has greatly benefited from the advancements in technology is the travel industry. Gone are the days of physically printed tickets and showing up at the gate before your trip is supposed to …

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Precision Feeding: Using Technology to Optimize Animal Nutrition

Commercial livestock production has significantly improved in modern times due to technology. The rise of precision feeding technologies to monitor and optimize animal nutrition has made livestock production more profitable, reducing wastage and environmental impact. With the rising population, traditional livestock production methods aren’t reliable to cope with the pressure. Technology integration in livestock farming has seen a dramatic increase …

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