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Our SEO Tips and Tricks section shares tips and tricks for optimizing your site for the web.  This Blog contains information on Search Engine Optimization and marketing based on personal experiences and from knowledge gained from other experts in the IT industry and SEO space.

The 10 Most Common Logo Design Mistakes Most Businesses Make

All businesses whether they are large or small know the importance of a logo. It states their story by representing the company and is the symbol of their brand identity for the world. Viewed by potential customers and clients daily, it can make a business attain the top notch and it can even ruin the company if its design is …

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Are you writing to inspire or impress? Find the answers here.

Writing is one of the most important tools for communication that help in the preservation and dissemination of information. With the rise of technology, writing is becoming easier and more fun. However, a few issues in the minds of inexperienced writers still need a bigger solution than technology. One of the basic things that some writers and students struggle with …

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Importance of Logo Design in Business & its Key Principles

Competition is always tough when your business is targeted to niche and in such cases, an eye-catching logo design becomes the arsenal for business owners to attract customers. A unique and distinct logo design is indeed the most viable essential of any business. Marketing strategies are important to overcome business hurdles and logo design services are what the company acquires …

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6 Best Ways to Promote a Travel Website Online

If you have a travel website, then we want to be the first to tell you that this is a fantastic choice! Having a travel website is your chance to influence others to start traveling more and to help spark their travel bug to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world. So many people haven’t taken the …

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How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google?

While there’s no easy answer to this question since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of factors that can affect the average time for websites to rank on Google, marketing data company Ahrefs decided to analyse petabytes of historical ranking data and give as a more quantifiable answer. The Ahrefs team first took 2 million random keywords and pulled data …

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Examples of Great Experimental Marketing Campaigns

When we talk about placing a brand or product in the market, it is increasingly important to pay special attention to how doing it, because consumers always look for something different. That’s why new marketing strategies have emerged to attract the attention of the people. One of these strategies is known as experiential marketing.  It is all about attracting customers …

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12 Tips on Optimizing Your Screencast Video

Screen capture video is great for demonstrating a tutorial that you conduct on your computer screen. But don’t expect people to watch it if you upload without optimizing it. People will only watch your video is it is well done. The following are 12 tips that you can use to optimize your screencast video to make it more engaging. Clean …

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Some Smart Techniques to Boost Profits for Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you must focus on the profit that your business is generating. You must constantly keep track of your bottom-line. You would agree that all kinds of businesses from web design agencies to home security companies and law firms too, need to be profitable to remain operational and to establish a niche for itself in the industry. How …

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Important Ranking Factors from the SEO Industry

When people want anything online — information, products, services or entertainment — they type (or speak) keywords related to their inquiry into search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It’s the search engine’s job to show the most relevant results relating to their search terms. But with more than a billion websites online and virtually limitless search terms, how …

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5 Reasons SEO is Important for Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner is no easy task, and it’s a job that eats into nearly every hour of your day. You have to compete in a niche market against thousands of other businesses, and you don’t always have the capital or manpower to overcome big changes in the market. But there’s a secret weapon that small business owners …

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