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Our SEO Tips and Tricks section shares tips and tricks for optimizing your site for the web.  This Blog contains information on Search Engine Optimization and marketing based on personal experiences and from knowledge gained from other experts in the IT industry and SEO space.

Is My SEO Consultant a Certified Google SEO Specialist?

There are many digital marketing agencies out there, and they all promise the same thing. Top results on Google, Google AdWords, Google Rankings, Google MyBusiness, Google Analytics, and more. But the question is, are they really Google certified? In today’s age, there are many SEO experts out there that claim that they are Google Certified. In this article, we’re going …

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How AR Is Revolutionizing Advertisements

If you are familiar with, or happen to have used McDonald’s GOL app during the 2014 FIFA World Cup or after, then you’ve interacted with augmented reality. The app, which Google says had between 50,000 and 100,000 downloads by June 6, 2014; just shortly after its release, is just one of the many ways in which popular brands are using …

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Business Success: A Sneak Peek of Online & Offline Presence

It is reported that 80% of all business in the United States fail within the first year and half of opening. The business that manages to survive the first year and a half, have to try and become the 10% that survive the first five years. With staggering statistics like these, it’s in the best interest of businesses to explore …

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Tip to Enhance Credibility of Your Website Content

The content of your website is the most important thing, and you need to improve it content through various measures. There are many ways to improve contents so that it can draw the attention of people. There are many ways to develop contents that can fetch traffic for the website. We all know that more traffic for the website means …

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Why You Should Use Email Validation Services

In the past, companies would run extensive background checks to validate a customer’s personal details, such as their telephone number and home address. But with the increased dependence of businesses in e-commerce, email verification has become an essential aspect of customer data management. Accurate customer data is essential to any marketing campaign, as you want your messages to reach your …

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How do Push Notifications Work in Web Applications?

There is no shortage of communication alternatives for modern-day marketers. From emails, SMS, social media post to live chat, each of the mediums possesses some unique abilities that others lack. This is the only reason why so many marketing tools exist in the market. Push notifications are one such marketing tool that is often seen as a replacement for SMS …

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6 Ways To Grow A Successful Business

Everyone who starts their own business wants it to be a success. After all, this is the whole reason for running a business, as no one starts something so complicated and so full of challenges just to watch it fail! There are a variety of different elements that need to come together to create a successful business, and each one …

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5 Ways to Find Inspіration for Writіng a Blog Article or Book

Do not wait for іnspiration. It will сome in a process. Any creative person knows that there wіll always be days when inspiration leaves him. It’s good if creativity is just a hobby; in this case, you can wait for the tide of the necessary ideas and emotions. And if this is a job, an absence of the Muses can …

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How to Boost the Online Presence of Your Business

Where business is concerned, the cyber highway is busier than ever – with hundreds of thousands of dollars changing hand every second over a globalized network of trade and service provision. To compete, companies are increasingly digitizing their outfits, with sparkling new websites, bedecked with the latest in design trends and integrated systems technology – that helps them steal an …

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How to Keep Your Website Current

Small business owners generally understand the importance of having a website to promote their company, and often give considerable resources to setting their sites up when they start their business. Over time, as the challenges of being a business owner take over, the website can get left behind; it’s there, it’s a great site, end of story. Except of course …

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