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SEO & Marketing – Featured

How Local SEO Can Help Increase Organic Leads For Your Business

The business arena is fast-paced, competitive, and almost saturated. A lot of businesses in different niches are already operating today – which makes it difficult for neophytes to stand out. Without a detailed plan and thorough understanding of the market, it’ll be hard for new and small businesses to thrive and succeed. In worse cases, these businesses might experience bankruptcy. …

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SEO on a Small Budget

There are many aspects of marketing that did not exist at one point in time. Digital marketing and technology is the new face of running a business. For many startups and small businesses, this can seem quite daunting. There is a fear of not having enough knowledge and also of not being able to afford professional help, ads, etc. The …

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Enhance your website SEO with these tricks

Good website content taking advantage of high volume keywords is king for search engine optimization, but there is more to providing just content if you want your website to be effective and to reach a larger audience. Here are some tips and tricks to help your website and content become more visible to the world. High-Quality Content High-quality content has …

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5 SEO Trends You Need to Consider Using in 2023, 2024

Effective search engine optimization is essential for online success. As the majority of consumers research brands, stores, and products via the internet prior to making a purchase, being visible online is non-negotiable. However, securing the top spots on search engine results pages (SERPs) isn’t always easy. With millions of webpages competing for high rankings, your SEO campaigns need to outperform …

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10 Tips to Succeed in Video Marketing

“Stop believing that video marketing is a separate entity or optional for your business, ” says James Widmore, an expert in video marketing. “Video is an effective form of communication that should be integrated into every aspect of your current marketing efforts.” Whatever plans, strategies, or goals you set to promote e-marketing in your company or business, they will not …

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Online Resources That Can Help Your Biz Make Money

For a business to be successful, money needs to be made. And while making money can seem daunting, numerous online resources can help you get the job done. From budgeting tools to marketing platforms and beyond, here are some of the most useful online resources you can use to make money as a business. Social Media Marketing Platforms If you’re …

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How To Measure Video Performance

Video is no longer the future; it’s the big thing right now. According to Oberlo.com, YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide and averages 1 billion hours of watched videos every day. YouTube’s active user base is 25% of the world’s 7.8 billion population total. With the average person’s attention span lasting eight seconds, it makes sense that video …

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11 Google Search Hacks and Tips You Need to Know

There are ways you can use Google more efficiently. You should check out some of our best Google search hacks by clicking here. Google is the largest search engine and it handles 91% of all Internet queries. It answers 3.5 billion searches per day and the average search lasts under a minute. Its index holds hundreds of billions of pages yet Google delivers …

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Ideas to Discard as a Social Media Strategist

Over the years, as digital marketing takes over the business world, we have often found ourselves in thought and obsession that we must be digitally present on social media platforms in order to make our mark. Although, this might not be what we have learned of marketing traditionally, but we must unlearn all of that knowledge, or rather, combine it …

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