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Is My SEO Consultant a Certified Google SEO Specialist?

There are many digital marketing agencies out there, and they all promise the same thing. Top results on Google, Google AdWords, Google Rankings, Google MyBusiness, Google Analytics, and more. But the question is, are they really Google certified? In today’s age, there are many SEO experts out there that claim that they are Google Certified. In this article, we’re going …

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11 Google Search Hacks and Tips You Need to Know

There are ways you can use Google more efficiently. You should check out some of our best Google search hacks by clicking here. Google is the largest search engine and it handles 91% of all Internet queries. It answers 3.5 billion searches per day and the average search lasts under a minute. Its index holds hundreds of billions of pages yet Google delivers …

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10 Business Boosting Benefits When You Hire SEO Experts Instead of Doing It Yourself

Outsourcing work for your business has many benefits, especially when you hire SEO experts to boost your rankings. Learn more about the benefits here. Over 7 billion people are using the internet on a regular basis. That number should excite you if you’re a business owner. After all, 7 billion people online mean 7 billion opportunities for you to sell …

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Recover from Negative SEO

Negative SEO had been discussed & dreaded in the past, but Google repeatedly managed to keep SEO’s assured that we could never be effective to the extent that it should be feared.  It has, however become a problem and is now a feared reality, a…

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How to Build a Wide Audience with the Right SEO Tactics

Want to take your SEO game to another level? Read on to learn how you can rank higher on Google by using SEO. As innovations in digital technology continue to grow, customers’ expectations have also doubled. Today, meeting your audience’s expectations has become a constant struggle. Every day we hear about new digital marketing trends, changes in Google’s ranking algorithms, …

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Top 3 Methods to Boost Local Search of Your Business

“Best dentists near me!” “Top bakeries in my area!” “Okay Google, find the nearest gas station” Local searches are quite prevalent these days. According to study, 82% of the users search for local businesses on their smartphones. Yes, instead of just going out on a spree to find out all they want while on their way, they quickly pick up …

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SEO Myths 2010

Great SEO Myth Article:25 SEO Myths Debunked by GoogleGoogle uses information from analytics in its ranking factors False – Google deny this, there are some who won’t believe it , I look at it from a business perspective & suspect it’s true…

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A Definitive Guide to Voice Search SEO in 2023, 2024 and beyond

Whether you are a small business operating on a local level or a large business house that has ongoing operations on a global scale, you will understand the importance of digital marketing and why it is so crucial to have a strong online presence. With dominating online visibility and influence on different social media channels, your business will be more …

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How to Optimize Your Anchor Texts For More Clicks: The Art of Making the Perfect Link

Search engines evaluate anchor text as an indicator of relevance. A page with the keyword phrase “JavaScript programming” in the anchor text is more likely to be relevant to a search query containing that phrase than a page with no such text. Also, the anchor text is displayed as bold (if it has only one word) or underlined (if it …

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