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A Look at 2019 Ranking Changes & How They Will Impact 2020

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We’re already a couple of months into the New Year, and it’s the perfect time to assess current search and SEO trends and speculate the direction the industry will take in 2020. It’s common knowledge that Google currently uses more than 200 ranking signals, and keeps on refreshing and tweaking its algorithm, changing priorities and adding new ranking signals every …

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A Definitive Guide to Voice Search SEO in 2020

voice assistantbigstock1 310x165 - A Definitive Guide to Voice Search SEO in 2020

Whether you are a small business operating on a local level or a large business house that has ongoing operations on a global scale, you will understand the importance of digital marketing and why it is so crucial to have a strong online presence. With dominating online visibility and influence on different social media channels, your business will be more …

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2020 Local SEO Strategy: How to Outrank Competitors

Untitled 1 51 310x165 - 2020 Local SEO Strategy: How to Outrank Competitors

For brick and mortar businesses, local SEO is more important than ever.  Think of the last time you went to use your phone to locate a nearby restaurant, gas station, or store.  When you did a search, what popped up?  Reviews?  You may have even clicked further to call or get directions to the establishment. Here are some effective ways …

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Important SEO Tools of 2020

Photo by WDnetStudio, CC0 1.0

Each year, SEO takes a new approach with various search engines. Here are some tools to help keep you competitive. Please also check out our other article on Search Engine Optimization for 2020 for more tips on helping to improve your SEO campaign. Google Adwords for SEO Keyword Research Keyword planning and research are essential for you to have a …

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SEO Techniques That Work in 2020

SEO2 310x165 - SEO Techniques That Work in 2020

With the ever-evolving technology, a lot of people are adopting new ways of marketing their products and brands using various platforms. One of the most used platforms is the use of SEO marketing. Well, one thing to note though is that SEO has been updated and if you are not careful your site may be termed as dormant and fail …

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How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google?

how long to rank on google1 310x165 - How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google?

While there’s no easy answer to this question since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of factors that can affect the average time for websites to rank on Google, marketing data company Ahrefs decided to analyse petabytes of historical ranking data and give as a more quantifiable answer. The Ahrefs team first took 2 million random keywords and pulled data …

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10 Business Boosting Benefits When You Hire SEO Experts Instead of Doing It Yourself

seo2 310x165 - 10 Business Boosting Benefits When You Hire SEO Experts Instead of Doing It Yourself

Outsourcing work for your business has many benefits, especially when you hire SEO experts to boost your rankings. Learn more about the benefits here. Over 7 billion people are using the internet on a regular basis. That number should excite you if you’re a business owner. After all, 7 billion people online mean 7 billion opportunities for you to sell …

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2 SEO Strategies for Startups

shutterstock 1013643319 310x165 - 2 SEO Strategies for Startups

The way search engines work has changed over the years. What has worked in the last five years may not necessarily work for you today. If you have a startup company and you are hungry for sales, it is essential to understand the elements of a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. While link building strategies for startups should be …

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