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SEO Myths 2010

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Great SEO Myth Article:25 SEO Myths Debunked by GoogleGoogle uses information from analytics in its ranking factors False – Google deny this, there are some who won’t believe it , I look at it from a business perspective & suspect it’s true…

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Disable Google Personalized Search

Are your results being skewed due to Google Personalized Search? You can turn off this feature by doing the following: 1. Search any keyword/term 2. Results will display. Click on Web History on the top right. 3. Lastly click on "Disable customiza…

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SEO Myths

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Using Robots.txt is the safest way to keep a page/site from being crawled.Actually not. Even if you blocked a page through the “disallow” tag on robots.txt, Google might still crawl it following an external incoming link. The safest way to block out a…

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