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Is your Website Ready for HTTP/2?

The last HTTP protocol update was in 1997, and until now, there have not been any updates.  For the past almost 2 decades, HTTP has basically done the heaving lifting of bringing webpages to the end user’s browser; for instance, when you go to any website, you create an HTTP request to a webserver, asking it to deliver all elements …

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What is Web 3.0?

The future of the #Internet is coming. Part of it is already here. What is Web 3.0?

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5 Ways to Win Brand Engagement and Loyalty Through Creative Content

Content marketing can do wonders for your brand by bridging the gap between target audience and the company through engagement. Even though it is a formidable weapon on its own, it alone does cannot capture the attention of your audience. To avoid falling behind in competition, you have to keep your audience engaged and at the same time develop trust …

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Enhanced Cloud Security

Nearly a decade ago most of the general public were left scratching their heads when the idea of the Cloud was introduced.  They knew and liked the Internet, but what was this new thing that seemed to be just an online storage service.  Adoption was slow, even in the enterprise space, but slowly and surely the needle started to move.  …

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Why Audit Software Source Code?

A software source code audit is a comprehensive deep analysis of source code in a programming project and is an important part of security. It is done with the intent of finding bugs, security breaches, violations of programming conventions and anything else to reduce errors prior to software being released. It may also be done post release prior to releasing future …

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Identity Theft via Social Media – Are you At Risk?

Identity Theft

Identity theft doesn’t have to occur in the classic ways. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the appearance of social media, identity theft can be relatively easy to do thanks to social networks. The main problem nowadays is that people often overlook the dangers of sharing so much information on social media. By sharing too many pictures, for example, …

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How to Create Good Product Landing Pages

Product Pages In A Website – What Should Be Included? First if all, you should understand what product pages actually mean. Product pages are those pages on a website where a company displays its product images and information. Most of the times, these pages will be present on a website associated with shopping. A product page also offers a Buy …

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5 Must-Have Productivity Tools

business meeting

The modern working regime has quite a few rules that we need to understand and follow. With the fast paced environment all around us, the regular working day has become more dynamic and productivity oriented. If you look just several years back, being productive meant how many calls you can make during a day. Well that changed and for the …

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Choosing A Profitable Niche For Your New Blog

Over the last number of years blogging has taken the world by storm. A blog is usually relatively easy to set up and to maintain, and it makes the perfect platform for anyone with something to say to put their views in front of the world, and make some money in the process. Whatever your reason for wanting to start …

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Increase your Alexa Rankings


Alexa is a rank information site/toolbar owned by Amazon measured by the amount of users that have visited a site with the toolbar installed. (Google, Yahoo, and others have the same concept with their toolbars) Why increase your Alexa rank? Ad netw…

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