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Choosing the Right Phone System

Small business owners that have outgrown standard dial up and now need a separate phone and extensions for individual employees need to think about choosing the right services for their individual service needs.

When choosing the right phone system for your business, realize that you must consider how many employees will be using your equipment. This will dictate the hardware and costs you will assume for your business. Think about the need for scalability, upgrades and maintenance cost.  Medium and small businesses must decide on remote functionality for employees working abroad, to decide on technological choices as well.

Here are some features to consider:

  • mobile lines for your employees
  • individual extensions with voicemail for each employee, and call routing to employees in remote locationsmultiple extensions, remote voicemail pickup, route-to-fax capability, and call forwarding.
  • teleconferencing
  • auto-attendant: your staff is saved from answering the phone every time it rings
  • conferencing
  • call hunt: if one of your employees doesn’t answer the phone, the call will automatically be forwarded to another person instead of going directly to voicemail

Types of phone services:

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): requires that you an internet connection and the right equipment to get the highest-quality phone calls possible
  • PBX (Private Branch eXchange): includes onsite switching equipment to route calls between employees and to outside lines. Normally these are ideal for medium and large businesses; newer PBX vendors provide VoIP technology capability.
  • Virtual PBX: features an auto-attendant PBX system on top of your existing mobile, land, and VoIP phone lines.  Can be onsite or hosting on the cloud.
  • Open-source VoIP: open-source systems available similar to Linux, but for business phones.
Looking for a Phone System in the Houston area? Data-Tel Services, Inc. has been installing phone systems in Houston and the surrounding areas since for over 10 years.

Data-Tel Services Inc. brings over 40 years of telecommunications industry knowledge when assisting clients in choosing the perfect phone systems in Houston for their business. They offer customizable digital telephone systems, hybrid phone systems, VoIP phone systems, IP PBX, hosted PBX, IP Phone Systems, SIP phones and SIP Trunking and keep in mind that your system should be scalable and address all your needs.

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