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Classic Start Menu for Windows 10

Some folks may not be fans of the new Windows 10 start menu, while others like the fast search accessibility.  With Vista Start Menu, you can keep programs readily available in the classic looking menu structure by installing this 7MB app, with many advanced features. For most versions of Windows. Vista Start Menu is the convenient alternative to the plain Start menu you find in Windows XP and Windows 10.

The program uses your cognitive abilities (visual memory, reflexes,etc.); however, while it is easily understandable for beginners, it is also highly efficient for experienced users.

bigscreen1 - Classic Start Menu for Windows 10
Vista Start Menu


Some cool features:

If your vision is poor, or if you set a very large or very small screen resolution, and you want to continue working with comfort, you can simply zoom the screen in or out. Zooming can be adjusted independently of the system settings with the help of the Ctrl+”+” and Ctrl+”-” keys on the keyboard, or on the screen.

Flexible20zoom1 300x94 - Classic Start Menu for Windows 10
vistastartmenu.com Flexible zoom

You probably have many programs in the Start menu and are tired of scrolling through them to find what you are looking for, right? We have the solution for that, too! You can resize Vista Start Menu just like any other window, so all programs are visible on the screen at the same time and can be easily accessed.

Resize20Menu1 - Classic Start Menu for Windows 10
vistastartmenu.com Resizeable menu

vistastartmenu.com has extended the workspace by adding tabs to it. Now, each menu item can contain any number of tabs, which allows you to arrange your information in a comfortable and convenient way for YOU. The free version has tabs with the Quick Launch bar as well as the Startup list.

Tabs1 - Classic Start Menu for Windows 10
vistastartmenu.com Tabs

You can even quickly shut down or restart the computer using the keyboard, by using shortcut keys. EVERYTHING is much easier. Press the Windows key on the keyboard to open the menu and then press the key corresponding to the desired operation. For example, press F3 to switch the user or F8 to shut down the computer. Power buttons are also available in the menu and you can easily access them with the mouse.

Power20buttons1 - Classic Start Menu for Windows 10
vistastartmenu.com Power buttons

Have you installed so many programs that they do not all fit on the screen? The convenient scrolling feature is especially for you. Just move the mouse pointer over the panel and the program will start smoothly scrolling the list.

Comfortable20scrolling1 - Classic Start Menu for Windows 10
vistastartmenu.com Comfortable scrolling

You no longer have to start your browser just to visit a search engine. Just press the Windows key on the keyboard, type the term you need, press Ctrl+Enter and get the search results. It’s so simple!

Internet20search1 - Classic Start Menu for Windows 10
vistastartmenu.com Internet search

To access the command line in Windows XP, you had to make several mouse clicks. Now you can type a command immediately and simply press Enter to execute it.

Command20line20support1 - Classic Start Menu for Windows 10
vistastartmenu.com Command line support
Get Vista Start Menu

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