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Free FTP Backup with Cobian

Backup your files remotely via FTP for FREE with Cobian

To start, download Cobian Backup and install the software. Start it after installation, you will be greeted with the following screen.


Create a task for the backup. Press CTRL+A to bring up the new task dialog window.  The left pane contains several menus that contain settings that need to be configured. Select the type of backup, the files that you want to backup, the destination for the backup. etc.


Specify type of backup.  Do you want to create full backups, incremental, differential, etc.


Select the files you want to backup.  Keep in mind size limitations and bandwidth.  If your backup is too large, it may take several days to complete.


Add FTP information and schedule for when you want to run your backup.The Archive menu allows you to configure compression, which is typically a good idea to reduce file size before uploading. Select Zip compression and choose to split the files.

Get Cobian here

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