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Cometdocs – Easily convert, store, transfer and share documents online

Computer users today are constantly shifting from one format to another, relying on a variety of document formats to take care of everyday tasks. While working in an integrated fashion with various document formats, there is often a need to convert documents between various formats, store them or share them online with others.

Cometdocs is a one-stop online document management service that can provide users with all of these possibilities.

Known already for several years as being one of the best free online conversion services on the web, Cometdocs has revamped its service to include much more than just conversions.

Cometdocs offers a line of applications that give its users even more options.

Firstly, the Cometdocs desktop app is made to allow users to convert files quickly and effectively without having to access Cometdocs through a browser. After installing the app, simply right-click on the file that you want to convert, select the conversion type, and sit back and wait for the conversion to wrap up.

In a matter of mere moments, the newly converted file will be saved to the same directory in which your original file is located. The desktop app is lightweight and resource efficient. The conversions are being performed using Cometdocs’ online servers, so there is nothing slowing down your computer while the conversion is taking place.

Cometdocs also offers mobile app that allows users to gain full access to the service from their smartphones and tablets. Simply download the app from iTunes app store to enjoy all of the file conversion, storage and sharing benefits that Cometdocs offers on the go from the mobile device of your choice.

After taking some time to check out the new service and see what it can do, here are some things we found that we really like.

1. Multiple conversion formats
Cometdocs offers conversion between the most commonly used formats like PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but it also support less popular ones like XPS, AutoCAD, HTML and more. To convert a file with this service, simply upload a file and then drag it to the Convert tab. All available choices for conversion formats will appear immediately. Conversion can be performed anonymously or as a registered user.

2. Advanced file sharing capabilities
To share files with Cometdocs, simply drag them to the Host tab, where users are able to control their sharing settings and file visibility. Every possible file format can be uploaded and shared. Registered users can share files with other Cometdocs users easily, but can also share with non-Cometdocs users by simply sharing a unique URL for accessing the file. The URL for your file, depending on the settings, can be visible only to people who have the URL or publicly to everyone. Additionally, there is an option for enabling public profiles where all shared files can be accessed from one place. The file download page in these public profiles is very simple and doesn’t include intrusive apps or ads.

3. Transfer of large files
For users who prefer to stick to email when sharing their files, they can send large files by using the Cometdocs services as well. Just go to the Transfer tab to access all the file transfer possibilities. If the uploaded files are part of the user’s file storage quota, there is no expiration link for transferred files.

4. Storing documents online
Documents and other files can be stored online and managed via Cometdocs’ simple user interface.  All in all, Cometdocs have done a great job with extending the reach of their services. The service is still one of the best when you need free and very accurate online document conversions, and the fact that you can now store, transfer and share these converted files and other files through the same service is a welcomed added bonus that makes Cometdocs a very interesting option for those looking

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  1. I had heard about this and also tried once but at that time my work failed so i didn’t used it again, well but now after reading the new features in your article i will try to use it once again. Lets see this time it work.

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