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Comprehensive Overview Of SAP BASIS

What is SAP BASIS?

BASIS(Business Application Software Integrated solution) is a mix of tools and  middleware programs of SAP.  It is the systems administration of SAP software applications.   SAP software applications are enterprise applications used primarily by large businesses to manage data. These systems manage financial and asset data, cost accounting, and help manage operations, materials and plants.

SAPBasis - Comprehensive Overview Of SAP BASIS

SAP Basis acts like an interface with an operating system, database, communication protocols and business applications such as MM, PP, FI, CO etc. SAP applications like MM, PP, FI, CO etc can operate and interact with each other across different databases and operating systems with the help of BASIS.

SAP is the company name and Abap or Abap/4 is a language programming. SAP company has a lot of products: ERP(material, sales, costs, financial), CRM, SRM, SCM and all of them are customized and programmed with ABAP and Java.

In today’s tech world Basis is also termed as Netweaver. SAP Application Server Technology is Basis and SAP Web application Server is Netweaver. SAP Basis Training gives all the necessary skills required to kick start your career into SAP Basis.

Basis offers services such as database communication, web requests, runtime collection of application data, communication with the OS, exchanging business data, memory management etc. Basis supports various databases viz Informix, DB2, MS SQL Server, ORacle, MaxDB etc and operating systems like z/OS, Microsoft windows server edition, Unix flavors, AS400 etc.

Functionalities of SAP BASIS:

SAP Basis systems manage financial and asset data, cost accounting, and help manage operations, materials and plants.

Components of BASIS:

The SAP BC (Basis Components) is the root of the SAP Applications ERP software. It provides the runtime environment for the rest of the R/3 Applications. The SAP Basis Components contains powerful tools such as CCMS (Computing Center Management System) for easy system administration.

  • Client/Server Technology
  • Internationalization
  • ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure
  • Database Interface, Database Platforms
  • BW Service API
  • Virtual Machine Container tcodes
  • Upgrade
  • ABAP Runtime Environment
  • Enterprise Service Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Exchange Infrastructure
  • Business Server Pages
  • Basis Services / Communication Interfaces
  • Musing Tools
  • Change & Transport System
  • SAP NetWeaver Mobile
  • Guided Procedure tcodes

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