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Convert webpage article to PDF

Joliprint.com is a nifty web tool which allows users to save articles as pdf’s for reading later.  Joliprint not only pdf’s a web article, but also put’s it in a nice article format, while keeping most interactive features of a web article (such as weblinks) intact. Perhaps it would be nice to see a “PDF it” button for websites in the future!

Here is an example of one conversion:

Website link: https://galido.net/blog/index.php/coolblog/2012/07/12/obdii-check-engine-light-diagnostic-iphone-android-app-wireless-cable

Converted article:
https://galido.net/pdf/galido.net-check-engine-light-diagnostic-with-iphone-or-android-obdii.pdf (click on the images – youtube links on the second page! – Beautiful Interactivity!!!)

joliprint - Convert webpage article to PDF

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  1. Web2PDF, PDFMYURL.COM, HTM2PDF, and HTML To PDF Converter are pretty useful as well

  2. nice format

  3. Nice, there are a ton of tools out there

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