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Create games for free – no programming knowledge required!

Create beautiful games with Construct 2, the HTML5 game maker – no programming required!  Anyone can do it!  Create facebook games and post on Chrome webstore for free.  Many other options and features available.

Add realistic physics effects to your games in a few easy clicks.

Special Effects
Over 70 visual effects to make your games look exceptional.

Preview over Wifi
Instantly preview your games on mobiles & tablets over Wifi.

Complete Manual
Full access to our comprehensive documentation.

Friendly Community
Get help and share your experiences with our welcoming and friendly community.

Use our fully documented Javascript SDK to extend Construct 2.

No Programming Required
Make your game do what it needs to do in a visual and human readable way with the powerful event system.

There’s no need to memorise cryptic languages. Focus on what really matters: designing your game!

It’s ideal for beginners, and powerful enough to let experts prototype faster than ever before.

We’ve come a long way from playing vintage video games.

Start Creating Games Now

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