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Developers Flocking To Amazon Alexa – The Growing Need For A Digital Assistant

Technology and the internet just never fail to surprise everyone with the latest innovations every day. The Amazon Echo is one of the latest gadgets the people are buying today. This good looking speaker can connect to a lot of music players by just asking it using your voices.

alexa cp tap - Developers Flocking To Amazon Alexa – The Growing Need For A Digital Assistant

Users are very fond of this device because it is fast and even features Alexa, a voice service that comes together with it. Alexa is like an assistant that you can ask to do various tasks.

Alexa makes it easier for users to do their daily tasks because it learns new skills when you use it a lot. The Alexa Skills Kit lets people add new skills that can maximize their use of the device and Alexa. No more buttons are needed because you can directly command Alexa to learn new skills and provide you with information. This fantastic feature that you can find in the device is now the reason developers flocking to Amazon Alexa are having a great time.

The Amazon Alexa created a community of people who are in love with the continuous development of their device. Amazon created a public API for Alexa so that everyone can enjoy teaching the digital assistant new sets of skills that can be customized and become useful in their everyday lives.

Amazon even made the community of developers even more exciting by releasing a list of their tops contributors. These Champions are recognized for their commitment, vast knowledge of the digital assistant, and for their constant help to other developers as well.

One of the people who topped the Alexa developers’ forum is April Hamilton. This developer even released a blog that aims to provide tips and useful news to Alexa users as well as developers. Her unfailing effort to help the community made her a great mentor to everyone. Another Alexa Champion is Eric Olson. He used his skills in developing Alexa and made it faster than before. This innovation is very useful to everyone since having a fast device that can be used for your tasks is a must to be able to do more in a short time limit.

Developers flocking to Amazon Alexa are all very devoted and are committed to improving the device and the interface further. People like April Hamilton and Eric Olson are inspiring as they showed everyone that belonging in developer community like the Alexa Champions can be very rewarding and fulfilling. The easy user-interface can make a person an expert in the device.

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