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Disaster Emergency Communications

During Crises, when Cellular and Internet is down, how can you communicate?

Mactro SMS Broadcaster
Mactro SMS Broadcaster

MACTRO TECHNOLOGY (www.mactro.com) offers a product called Mactro SMS Broadcaster. The device is an Emergency Messaging System designed for Government and Military use during crises. It is powered by a complex software algorithm and next generation RF computer hardware. MACTRO is a product of extensive engineering and years of R&D.

This unique equipment has the ability to directly send SMS alert messages to surrounding mobile phone devices within its radius without using your cellular provider’s network and without knowing their subscriber numbers.

It is primarily designed for Disaster or Emergency Messaging and for General Alerts. It is also an effective solution for Proximity or Location Based Advertising and targeted marketing campaigns at private venues and events.

This equipment does not require SIM cards or an internet connection. It also does not utilize your provider’s cellular network. The machine operates independently, and is designed to work in the event all cellsites are down.

The text messages originate directly from the equipment; therefore, you can send unlimited SMS messages at no cost.

MACTRO can effectively penetrate 95% of mobile phone devices, regardless of the brand, model, network operator and band. MACTRO has multiple modem signaling which penetrates various bands and standards.


  • Advance Software Algorithm.
  • Powerful IMEI/IMSI Acquisition.
  • Multiple ARFCN Broadcast.
  • Built on Military Specification.
  • User Friendly Web-based GUI.
  • Transportable and Standalone.
Mactro Graphical Users Interface
Mactro Graphical Users Interface
Mactro Transmission Report
Mactro Transmission Report
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