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The easy way to password protect & encrypt files in Windows

Data protection legislation requires everyone, including small businesses to encrypt customer information. The consequence of failing to do so are severe consequences for the company directors ranging from fines to jail time. However, given that barely a day goes passed without a new data leak horror story, and even giants like Yahoo, with their large IT infrastructure and countless IT specialists cannot keep their customer data save the question is: How can a small business with limited resources and no dedicated IT person possibly hope to protect their customer data? Fortunately, a new software application – Safeplicity – has been released to address this problem.

How it works

safeplicity1 - The easy way to password protect & encrypt files in WindowsSafeplicity is a new data encryption software that makes password protecting & encrypting folders dead simple. It is super easy to use – it just takes a few clicks to password protect data, and can be done by anyone, even without any IT skills.

Safeplicity is integrated right into Windows Explorer. To password-protect a folder, you just right click on the folder you wish to protect, select the option “protect with password” and choose a password. That’s it. The folder is now password protected, and all data inside of it will be encrypted with unbreakable AES 256bit encryption. The encryption happens in the background, so you don’t need to wait and you can continue working on the files whilst it is in progress.

After protecting the folder, you can continue using it as usual – there is only one difference: if you try to open the folder, you are now asked for a password. If you don’t enter the correct password, the protected folder will appear empty, so no one can get access to your confidential data. If you enter the correct password, your data will appear and you can use your files right away, without any delays.

Optional password reminders give you the additional piece of mind that even if you forget your password, you will still be able to recover your password in a secure way and get access to your data.

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You can use Safeplicity to password protect folders not just on your computer, but also on all kind of portable devices, from USB sticks, to external hard drives and SD cards.


  • Immediate protection – without delays
  • Background encryption encrypts data with military-grade 256bit AES encryption
  • Integrated into Windows Explorer (right click protect)
  • No new software to learn. Requires absolutely no IT skills
  • Automatic locking – the folder locks automatically when you close it
  • Keep files in place
  • Protect entire folder structure
  • Protects everything – computers, USB sticks, external hard drives etc.
  • Password reminders

safeplicity2 - The easy way to password protect & encrypt files in Windows


Safeplicity is an ideal solution for anyone looking to password protect their files – it offers rock solid security, is affordable and, because of its seamless integration with Windows Explorer, doesn’t interfere with the workflow. If you are looking for an easy way to protect your data, we would definitely suggest you give Safeplicity a try.

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