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Easy Web Content Sharing Platform

Sharing links is easy, but have you ever had the need to share multiple links and make them appealing to your audience?  elink.io enables you with a user friendly way to curate and publish web links and content.  It’s fast and easy to share via webpage, send a newsletter, and more.

elink.io is a powerful content curation tool that allows you to turn web links into visually appealing newsletters, web pages and website embeds.  It’s almost like pinterest for email marketers, enabling marketers to combine their own links and fill in a few more with related topics that appeal to their audience.

How to Use elink.io

elink.io starts users off with only a few simple steps to create marketing material for their audience.  In a nutshell, all you need to do is gather the links you want to share, login and select a layout, edit your layout, titles and content, publish into a webpage and share or send via newsletter/email.  Easy!

Using elink.io for Newsletter Campaigns

Sending newsletters can be a time consuming task when it comes to having to come up with content. Sometimes, all we are trying to do is engage our audience, and even then the content you come up with may not be relevant to some; at that point your hard work becomes a waste of time.  What’s nice about the elink.io platform is that you are able to experiment with content, see what appeals to your audience, and take that information and apply it into your next article or campaign.

When you sign up for the elink.io pro plan, you have the option to send your links via mailchimp or gmail.  The process is simple and automatically auto-populates into your email system.

Embed your elinks

Do you have a website that needs auto-populating with your latest list of links without having to rely on an rss feed?

With elink.io, you can separate only the links you want into various lists.  Simply embed the code containing your specific list of links and go back to that list to add and update as necessary.  The embedded code on your website will automatically update as you update your lists.

Review Analytics

Not all content you share via elink.io may be yours, but fortunately you are able to analyze and get an idea of what types of content engage and attract your audience.  Built in analytics allow you to take this data for market research and apply ideas to future content and articles.  That these analytics and grow your content to appeal to and to grow your audience.

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