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Efficient Business Printing Practices

As the world grows and consumer spending increases due to the need for more resources and products, so will the growth of all other aspects that go hand in hand with merchandise, such as packaging and brochures, advertising, marketing and point of sale.  Manufacturers are seeing 17% growth per year in demand for products, but to meet this demand, requires manufacturing, and that includes printing.

Efficient Planning

Because of high demand and competition, the demand for packaging, printing sophistication, and exclusive appearance has grown immensely.  Proven printing techniques such as hit foil stamping, hybrid coatings or cold foil printing are highly sought after.  Techniques such as these may set apart some manufacturers from others and often be a decisive reason to go with one vs the other.

Monitoring Costs

Today, with the rise of mobile technology, barcode and qr code technologies, combined with printed materials are becoming a more efficient method to share data, save paper, money and resources.  Large format printing is often considered to reduce costs, which can be monitored with modern tech methods in addition to more efficient runs that can save time in printing large quantities.

Green Printing

Because packaging can be considered a wasteful aspect of consumption, humanity has taken many steps to reduce the waste and recycle.  In the future, there will be no way around environmentally friendly green printing and packaging.

Support companies who innovate on green technology and supplies.  Some print shops are taking green friendly, money saving techniques all the way from the power source, using solar panels, to using recycled paper, environmentally friendly ink, cartridges, etc. Some of these environmentally friendly standards not only save the environment, they are saving companies hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.


One area which companies and homes alike can help the environment is recycling and all green certified computer destruction.  Everything from paper, to cartridges, to printing and computer equipment itself can be recycled, and even resold, making the original owner some money while helping to save the environment.  You can refill cartridges or purchase recycled ones, as well as recycled paper.  Companies can also purchase or acquire used printing machinery, giving a second life to previously used printing equipment, or from companies that have closed down, while saving them from filling up our landfills.

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