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Emerging Trends in Information Technology

As a CIO or any employee in any IT department, it is important to keep up to date with emerging trends in information technology.  CEO’s and management alike should keep abreast of new technologies and competitors to be on top of their game.  An IT degree only gets you so far with the basic troubleshooting knowledge, so you’ll need to stay abreast in the industry.  The links mentioned below are some great information sites to such emerging trends in information technology and news, and can provide answers to IT related topics.

With this new generation in information technology, there can be just as many problems as there are solutions. To help keep you from dialing an 800 number or online chat, we have gathered 25 Q & A sites about information technology and emerging trends. They can help you do everything from send an email to write your very own software.

General Q & A Sites About Information Technology

Learn all about IT in these informative and helpful sites.

  1. Information Technology Blog Galido.net Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics.
  2. Tech Target Over 25,000 information technology questions have been asked and answered on this site. The Expert Answer Center combines advice and solutions from more than 250 technology, management and career experts. Simply search for your question, or ask if you can’t find it.
  3. WhatIs Get a virtual computer glossary full of terms and cheat sheets for the IT challenged. Simply look up by keyword or topic, and even get a word of the day. They also have tons of learning guides on everything from backup to VoIP.
  4. Computer World If you have an IT question, chances are they have the answer. In addition to the latest headlines, they have loads of editors, bloggers, and even a Shark Tank with much more on information technology. Topics range from operating systems and security to mobile and wireless help. Be sure not to miss the webcasts with more.
  5. Infotech Spotlight Get a site for serious IT professionals here. They have channels on heavy subjects such as application performance management, data center power, and load balancer. There are also videos and blogs for those who need the dots closer together.
  6. This Week in Tech Get a whole host of webcasts from experts that include The Tech Guy and Weekly Daily Giz. Other shows include focuses on the iPad, Android, Windows, and more. Simply click on your favorite, or listen to the newest entry.
  7. Tech Podcasts Simply type in the subject of your IT question into their engine to get results from one of their many shows on information technology. They include shows called “Five Tech Things” and “Dr. Bill.” You can even add your own IT podcast to the site.
  8. Information Technology News If your IT question has to do with the latest development, click here. Science Daily has loads of breaking stories in many fields, including information technology. Check out the newest, or narrow your search by artificial intelligence, programming, hacking, or other topic.

Q & A Blogs About Information Technology

These bloggers offer much more in information technology.

  1. Ask the Admin This group of bloggers have made a splash simply by answering the IT questions of readers. Karl L. Gechlik is the founder and brings in many experts from around the globe to give different perspectives on technical issues. Recent questions are on flash, Blackberry communications, and muting Windows Live Meeting.
  2. Slashdot Billed as news for nerds, these IT professionals often answer questions such as “who should you name your servers after?” However, you can also get expert answers on items such as cloud, Linux, management, and more. There is even the option to send in your IT questions.
  3. PC Hardware/ Reviews Mark Kyrnin is a computer networking specialist working in the computer field since 1994. His blog specializes in how to build and/or maintain a system, which is an important part of any IT regimen. Must reads on his blog include “How to Save on Buying a PC” and “Best Laptops Under $650.”
  4. Mike Tech Show Get an audio blog from Mike, an independent IT Consultant and Professional for over 25 years. While other technology sites are about the latest and greatest, he often focuses on topics that cover maintaining and keeping existing technology, as well as recommendations. He also answers listener’s tech questions and discusses them with others.
  5. Forward Thinking Michael J. Miller is senior vice president for technology strategy at Ziff Brothers Investments, a private investment firm. However, you don’t have to pay his salary to get his thoughts on the latest in information technology. Categories include everything from Apple to travel.
  6. Joe IT Get technology done right on this blog. It is a collective effort of IT professionals, striving to make sure that things are done right. Categories include everything from Ask an IT Ninja to VB Script.
  7. IT Communities Finally, if the above haven’t answered your IT question, stop here. It is a social network solely for information technology professionals with blogs, groups, communities, and more. There is even a Data Center that could contain the answer to your question.

Specialized Q & A Sites About Information Technology

These sites take on a specific aspect of information technology.

  1. Information Technology Learn the business value of technology on this site. They have guides and commentary on everything from personal tech to global CIO. Be sure not to miss the network of blogs with much more.
  2. Info World Similar to the above, this site focuses on information technology for business. Different channels on the site include application development, cloud computing, data center, and more. You can also get many blogs on everything from mobile technology to notes from the field and even webcasts.
  3. Software Engineering Radio Get a specialized podcast for professional software developers here. Every ten days, they bring original content containing tutorials, interviews with experts, and more. With over 170 episodes and counting, there are loads to choose from.
  4. Search Health IT Get resources on information technology for the healthcare field here. There are several topics, tutorials, and loads of expert advice for the reading. You can also check out the blogs or the FAQ.
  5. CIO Insight If you are a Chief Information Officer, or just think like one, check out this site just for you. There are sections on everything from trends to careers. You can also get more videos and blogs for and by CIO’s.
  6. Digitimes If you are an information technology professional working in or interested in Asia, click here. This site focuses on the latest and breaking news in the region in English. You can also get loads of research on topics such as iPhone growth and the top suppliers in Taiwan.
  7. Daniweb Visit here for an IT discussion community where users stop in from all over the world. With forums being entered on a minute to minute basis, you can find many experts by topics such as C++, Python, Shell Scripting, and many more.

And the above 25 Q & A sites about information technology are constantly being updated, so be sure to check back with your favorites to stop IT problems before they start. Those who are interested in paying for an education for an information technology degree, can click here to find scholarship and grant information.

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