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Examples of Great Experimental Marketing Campaigns

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When we talk about placing a brand or product in the market, it is increasingly important to pay special attention to how doing it, because consumers always look for something different.

That’s why new marketing strategies have emerged to attract the attention of the people. One of these strategies is known as experiential marketing.  It is all about attracting customers through experiences based on people’s emotions.

Nowadays, offering an emotional experience in advertising campaigns has become indispensable, because it manages to “fall in love” with consumers thanks to its kinesthetic interaction with emotions, intelligence and feelings.

People will forget what you saidpeople will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou.

Experiential Marketing focuses on individuals, stimulating their senses, triggering authentic and positive emotions and sensations throughout the purchase or hiring process, this is how you choose a product or hire a service

If you are thinking of launching your own experiential marketing campaign, we present you 5 keys that you should not overlook.

Engaging Customers and Crafting a Story


Customers are looking to connect with a brand, feel recognized, and be part of a community. The experience you offer should provide one or all of these elements.


In today’s competitive environment, any retailer who cannot offer something special or different will have difficulty attracting and retaining customers..


In addition to collecting customer data, digital activations can drive word-of-mouth, and provide enhanced opportunities for customization and engagement.


Ignore the temptation for stunts. To get (and give) the most value, an activation needs to lead back to your products and fit with your brand values and target audience.


A special event might be great for shoppers, but it does nothing for your store without actual results. As with any campaign, begin by setting the end goal and mapping out a concrete measurement plan.

In addition, in a market as competitive as we saw today we have to find different ways to differentiate ourselves from our competition and one of them is incorporating emotional marketing in the digital marketing plan of our company.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Today more than ever, the consumer is the one who has the power.

Experiential marketing is gaining more and more strength in marketing. This tactic gained popularity at the end of the 90s to attract an audience that no longer reacted to TV ads, newspapers or trend magazines.

With this type of marketing, brands create a link with their audience beyond the product or service they sell. They use sales techniques and tools that break down physical and emotional barriers.

Experiential marketing is that which generates emotions within users, through experiences directly within marketing. The objective of this is to generate a direct link with the user, generating an extraordinary connection of loyalty to the brand that is in the market.

What are the Characteristics of Experiential Marketing?

It could be said that the main characteristics of emotional marketing are:

  • The brand listens and knows the customer, knows what he likes, what does not like him, what interests him. Therefore, you can create a strong, deep and lasting bond with him/her that goes beyond the product or the service.
  • The communication between the audience and the brand, therefore, is bidirectional. There is a dialogue, a conversation that fosters trust.
  • The buyer is treated with enthusiasm and care.
  • The purchase decision is influenced by that emotional, sensory, mental, relational or acting connection.
  • The user spends time on the brand because he really likes, entertains and enjoys what offers.

However, it is necessary to mention that not all companies manage to execute the tactics satisfactorily, so we will tell you about successful experiential marketing campaigns that can serve as inspiration for your campaigns:

Great Examples of Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Red Bull: Stratos. Great example of Storytelling

Beyond the live broadcast on YouTube and social coverage, according to ABC News, Baumgartner’s show was broadcast on 40 other television channels and 130 digital media. In addition, it was the cover of magazines, newspapers and digital media at the global level.

The Austrian company has always been characterized by its aggressive and effective advertising campaigns and has been a leader in the use of Guerrilla Marketing techniques.

Remember that the Red Bull company that sells energy drinks, it has become a brand that we associate with extreme events and adventure sports. One of the brutal moments of the brand was the RedBull Stratos campaign, along with the GoPro camera brand.

They managed to have half a world pending the feat of the Austrian Felix Baumgartner, who became the first human to break the sound barrier by jumping from the stratosphere.

Yes, Red Bull managed to sneak into millions of homes and global news thanks to the image of Baumgartner shooting from the stratosphere in free fall at a height of over 39,000 meters, thus achieving three records.

Well, it was Red Bull who financed this adventure ‘Stratos’ experiential marketing campaign, becoming the most watched live Youtube video, carrying out a global broadcast to more than 50 countries and recording a documentary.

Ikea – Sleepover Inside the Warehouse

Both in Australia, and in different countries where the brand has a presence, Ikea created a sleepover for some lucky fans of the brand to make a sleepover in one of the big warehouse that has the giant Swedish furniture and household goods chain.

This included special sessions of body care and waiter service among other benefits that attendees could enjoy.

Undoubtedly great initiatives among people who are already clients of the brand, which helps them, strengthen the links they have with each other.

Sprite: A Giant Soda Machine Shower from Sprite

An experience, refreshing as few, was the one created by Sprite in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro.

In the middle of a temperature close to 40 degrees the brand created a large shower in the form of a beverage dispenser. While the liquid that came out of this was not Sprite, the fact that the color of the drink was transparent as water made it seems as if it really was.

In this way, the great summer on the beach of Rio was the perfect occasion for the brand to create an amazing, pleasant and memorable experience for bathers who, surely under intense heat, will always evoke the refreshing experience that the popular brand made them live on a beautiful beach.

Volkswagen: Eyes on the Road

With the ingenious activity, the automaker tried to raise awareness about the importance of not using the mobile phone while driving.

To carry it out, Volkswagen was present in different movie theaters in Hong Kong and encouraged the viewers to see the screen of their smartphone at the same time they were watching the movie. The name given to the campaign is “Eyes on the road” and was developed in the company of the Ogilvy advertising agency in Beijing.

PETA: Behind the Lather

PETA is an organization who always first on highlighting crime against animals. They fight against the use of furs in clothing and bags, so this time they entered a shopping center in Bangkok through a local pop-up.

The customers later witness an unpleasant surprise when checking on some of the bags. The campaign is titled “Behind the lather” and was made with the help of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather.

Dove: Choose Beautiful

The brand tries to prove that “being beautiful” is a matter of attitude, so they puts two doors in the middle of the street, one with the name “Average” and another with “beautiful” in order that the women decide which of them to enter.

The campaign stands out with the name “Choose Beautiful” and took place in San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo.

Refinery29: 29Rooms

For three consecutive years, this lifestyle brand has hosted a 29Rooms event during New York Fashion Week. This event includes a theater with museum rooms where you can touch and interact with art.

The company designed the rooms so that each of them presents something different, keeping in mind their brand partners, ranging from artists and musicians to companies like Dunkin ‘Donuts and Cadillacs.

Adidas: Jump with D Rose

Once in London, Adidas created an ephemeral store and a Chicago Bulls player, Derrick Rose, known for his jumping skills sponsored a new line of sneakers. He urged fans to win a pair of sneakers by blowing them up on a 10-foot-high (3.30m) shelf.

Adidas filmed the event and released a video that introduced it to the public. The original version has been viewed more than 500,000 times. Not to mention that Rose’s fans had the opportunity to meet him and interact with him, which may have encouraged the sale of sports shoes.


All these experiential marketing campaigns are an excellent example of using online media to support an event, as well as how to organize an event to further increase the excitement of a new product.

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