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Finding an Effective SEO Online Training Course

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SEO is an optimization of a site for search engines carried out to improve its authority and visibility. For obvious reasons, the demand for SEO specialists is tremendously high today, and so there is a number of people aspiring to learn SEO.

SEO courses assume taking online classes in search engine marketing and getting some sufficient knowledge, which you can later apply to your own project or at work. Such courses are designed for a short-term completion (it will take you about 2-3 month to complete a course as opposed to university studies that take four years at least). They provide not only theoretical materials such as lectures but also tutorials and practical projects that are mandatory for course completion.

As a person taking an online course in search engine optimization, you will be obliged to carry out certain assignments. Therefore, such courses are more of normal learning, in which there is a theoretical and a practical part along with homework to ensure that you you are qualified enough to perform your own search engine optimization after course completion.

In today’s post, we would like to present to you some best SEO and SEM courses that will empower you to promote a website online.

Moz – Beginner’s Guide to SEO

If you are new to the industry, Moz is considered to be among the most renowned platforms and information sources. The Moz website is quite easy to navigate; all the materials presented are quite easy to consume even if you are just a beginner. This is something that cannot be said about Google’s Starter Guide, although the latter one offers some Google SEO certification.

The Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO comprises ten chapters on the most important aspects of search engine optimization encompassing such areas as common misconceptions and how Google operates enabling novices to get an idea of the search engine marketing ecosystem.

This is a must-read for those set out to master the art of search engine optimization!

Serpstat Academy

On Serpstat Academy, you get to learn about how to research keywords, perform analytics along with competitor analysis. Serpstat Academy offers quite useful information regardless of whether you are starting out in SEM or you are already an expert in the area since the website has to offer a number of insights and use cases.

It is worth mentioning that Serpstat Academy is a comprehensive SEO platform, which enables you to learn both basics and some advanced practices.

Quick Sprout – The Advanced Guide to SEO

Neil Patel and Sujan Patel favor long-form content and they excel at it. These two specialists have produced their advanced SEO guide, which is well researched and rife with details. Through nine chapters, you will acquaint yourself with some professional link-building strategies, indexation, data research and much more.

The peculiarity of this guide lies in the fact that the authors of the guide use a rather informal language as opposed to corporate guides you can find online. And thanks to numerous infographics and screenshots, you will be able to cover all nine chapters quite easily.

Coursera – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

Coursera is an incredibly useful resource for anyone looking to get some knowledge online whether it is writing essays or SEO. Speaking of essays, you can check out Edu Birdy in UK if you need some professional help with those.

Thanks to this SEO training course, you can get some in-depth knowledge on the topic. Starting from some basics of SEO, the 6-week search engine optimization course online provides some cutting-edge practices and techniques such as how social media ecosystems can be leveraged to drive traffic to your own website.

We believe that this particular course, which you can audit for free, is a must for anyone who wants to get some advanced knowledge on the topic.

Hubspot – SEO Courses

As you may or may not know, search engine optimization has a lot to do with content marketing. Hubspot offers some great video tutorials and evaluation tests along with related templates, and guides that could be very helpful for expanding your knowledge. After completing one of their courses, you will also get some SEO certification, which will be recognized by most employers in the world.

Udemy – Marketing Strategy: Best Digital Marketing & SEO Techniques

This training course is all about techniques and marketing strategies that will help attract customers, increase sales and win the trust of the audience.

The course author warns that if you are hoping to find here some secret techniques and get rich in an instant, the course will not help you. This is a quality education for entrepreneurs aimed at creating a long-term business strategy.

The program successfully combines classical marketing with digital promoting on the Internet. Therefore, half of the course is dedicated to the peculiarities of consumer behavior and psychology, distribution channels, and pricing policy planning. The second part of the course is all about SEO: working with keywords, the semantic core and the development of viral content.

Lynda – Become a Digital Marketer

The course will be interesting for novice Internet marketers or for people who want to solve real business problems – individual entrepreneurs and business owners.

The teachers are represented by business consultant and entrepreneur Brad Batesole, a certified expert in Google Analytics and Google AdWords named David Booth and the director of the Marketo content marketing department called Diana Rothman.

As part of the course, students will find out how to use marketing techniques for different channels, including search engines, video, social networks, e-mail, notifications, and SMS. Also, you will study the subtleties of content marketing and SEO. Interestingly, the optimization of an online store’s content for local search is studied in depth.

At the last class, all the knowledge gained is linked into a single system. Based on this, a marketing strategy can be developed that is appropriate for a specific brand and its tasks.

Bio for Sandra Hayward:  Sandra is a 26-year-old digital marketing specialist whose primary areas of expertise are search engine optimization along with social media marketing (SMM). She is also a freelance writer who enjoys sharing her expertise with newcomers to the field of search engine optimization.

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