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Finding the Right IT Professional: Digital Forensics

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Whether looking for evidence in a criminal investigation or proving employee activity in a civil dispute, both businesses and lawyers are increasingly calling on digital forensics experts for both expert testimony and investigatory services.

Digital forensics analysts possess unique talents, which set them apart from other IT and tech professionals. The field of digital forensics encompasses legal, investigative and technical knowledge to determine digital evidence in a wide range of case types.

Most commonly, digital forensics is used to uncover fraudulent behavior within a business setting, however, it has also become increasingly common in criminal cases today as people begin to live more and more of their lives online.

For whatever reason you might need a digital forensics analyst, here’s how to find the expert that you need.

Search Online

Today, digital forensics experts will have their own company website and advertise online, so this is certainly the quickest way to find somebody that you need. Head over to SecureForensics.com for a wide range of services such as digital and legal forensics, data breach investigations, employment screening, and even private investigation services, which can be used to discover more about anything from suspicious employee activity to spouses suspected of cheating.

Word of Mouth

In the business world, you are bound to find somebody who has used the services of a digital forensics expert at least once. Small businesses in particular are more vulnerable than ever to employee fraud and theft, and with data breaches becoming more and more common, the services of digital forensics experts are more sought-after than ever before. Like many other types of expert consultants, digital forensics experts are often best found via word-of-mouth. Ask around in your network for any recommendations; you may be surprised as to just how many you will get.


Once you’ve found a digital forensics expert who appears to provide the services that you are looking for, it’s a wise idea to ensure that they have the right qualifications and experience for the job. Certification will provide you with proof that your expert possesses at the very least, a basic knowledge of digital forensics procedures, policies and practices. There are several certifications that you may wish to look for, such as a CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator), the DFCB (Digital Forensics Certification Board), or a CCFE (Certified Computer Forensics Examiner). Any good professional will always be willing to show you proof of their certifications when requested.

Past Experience

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask your potential investigator as many questions as you need about their past experience in the field. A good one will always welcome your questions and be willing to answer them as honestly as possible. Since a digital investigator can specialize in different fields, for example, corporate fraud or criminal law, it’s a wise idea to ensure that the one you’re considering has enough experience in the field that you need to satisfy your expectations. This will help you narrow down your options and control the cost of the engagement.

Do you have any further tips of your own to add? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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