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Free Chat Plugin for WordPress

It’s pretty much every business’s goal to convert a visitor in to a customer.  An important element to that is easy interaction and communication.  How do you make your business available 24/7 and automated so that your visitors and employees can communicate in an easy and effective way?

Every respected company spends a lot of time and money for their personal websites. They hire experienced developers and designers to make such platforms handy and beautiful at a time.  WordPress sites gained crazy popularity over the past few years. They are adjustable for most of business needs starting from visit card and ending up with an online shop.  Those firms who prefer leading their sales online are usually looking for proven WordPress CRM plugins that ease their job.

Such software lets them control their sales management activity, the number of sales and all other information. Think that one can stop bureaucracy, when if looking for certain data one had to browse through hundreds of documents, including personal reports.

With CRM services finding any data is easy as mouse clicks. All updates are in front of our eyes. Sales managers will not deny some help anyway. Handle a requisition is way easier with one of such plugins.


Bitrix24 – is a system that gains unbelievable popularity among popular online shops and big enterprises. It handles half off deals letting departments work twice more productive.

Once it appears on your website, you notice all benefits of such software.


It means that we receive powerful database with all the customer’s data and products catalogs. All information is carefully folded in our free virtual storage and is available on any request.

Any changes are highlighted in the timeline and can be quickly sorted to our needs.

Working with clients

Add your logo to customers form for making it look more solid. Clients will love cute greetings or just bright icons.

Bitrix24 adds multiple currencies and counts all discounts automatically. There is no need to worry about conversion or any other counts. The software will do it for us.

The handy interface lets clients complete all the operations fast and double check any stage of it.

Unlimited free quotes and invoicing is available with automatic taxes, discounts, multiple currencies, payment information and more.

Email marketing

We all know it as one of the most profitable methods companies use for years. Attracting new clients and keeping old ones interested in our products in all possible forms – from texts to videos.

Firms email about their updates, sales or discounts. With Bitrix24 we can send such emails directly from CRM. Feedback allowed as well.

Their bright templates make it easier for us and exciting for or clients. If you are not satisfied with the given ones – feel free to create your unique samples.

Phone marketing

What can be better than your tiny call-center? Unlimited database with millions of numbers from local to international ones. Develop your business calling people from CRM.

Use call recording function to control staff or just check the manner they speak to clients. Options o forwarding or transferring is available for all calls.

One more nice thing here is that you can send voice messages with greetings or short announcements. There is no need to pay to telephone companies who offer such services. With Bitrix24 it is all under your control.

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