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Does your IT group not have the budget for helpdesk software to keep track of employee troubletickets? Looking for free, opensource, helpdesk software? Here’s a list of open source options for your review. Some projects are current, some may have discontinued development. Check out these various options below.

Some worth trying are osTicket, OTRS Free, Mantis Bug Tracker, and Bugzilla.

Asset Tracker

Create multiple asset databases containing any information you wish to keep track of. Some examples: put all your IT infrastructure into the database, or if you are a building manager, put all your facilities equipment in the database. Can also integrate with other systems via plugins.

at add1 300x237 - Free Helpdesk Software


Open source help desk software, designed for use from a Linux/Unix command line. Includes a full featured email interface for customers.


BugTracker.NET is an open source, web based bug or issue tracker written using ASP.NET, C#, and Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE. Includes a screen capture utility that allows you to capture a screenshot, annotate it, and post it, with just a few clicks.

bug tracker default1 300x208 - Free Helpdesk Software


A Perl based software bug tracking system which can also be used for help desk support. Used by the Mozilla Foundation, creators of FireFox.

bugzilla image 181 300x211 - Free Helpdesk Software

Double Choco Latte

A GNU Enterprise package that handles both call tracking and project management. It can be displayed inside of a phpGroupWare installation or be used stand-alone.

Help Desk Reloaded

A PHP based help desk software system. Key features include trouble ticket prioritization, multiple customer support technicians, and search. Perfect for digital marketing agencies, doctors offices, law offices, and more.

Information Resource Manager – GLPI Edition

This is the same system as above (IRM), but with some additional enhancements.

tracking1 300x281 - Free Helpdesk Software

Liberum Help Desk

Web based help desk software package written in ASP and VBScript. Microsoft SQL Server or Access is required. Automatic case routing, email updates, and reporting.

rep details large1 213x300 - Free Helpdesk Software


A PHP software bug tracking and issue tracking system with mobile support.

mantis 300x177 - Free Helpdesk Software

OS Ticket

OS Ticket is a lightweight ticking system designed to be easy to setup and use. It’s written mostly in PHP.

tour 0041 300x235 - Free Helpdesk Software


A trouble ticket system to track telephone calls and e-mails. Designed to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, and helpdesk to operate in one system. OTRS is open sourced under the GPL and is written in Perl.


A web-based software bug tracker. The design focuses on separating the presentation, application, and database layers making customization easier.

Request Tracker

RT is an open source ticket tracking tool. It’s primary interface is email with a web back end for administrators. RT has been under development since 1996.

homepage1 289x300 - Free Helpdesk Software


A simple issue tracking system with command line, web and email interfaces. Also includes many other modules such as todo lists and sales lead tracking.


Sinergia is a open source framework for creating customized help desk applications written in C# .NET 3.0. It provides a base on which you can develop your own web based help desk solution.


Uses the Subversion version control system to store issues within your software code repository. Uses the subversion client, but a web based interface is in progress.


Minimalistic web based project management and bug tracking tool. Trac also includes wiki functionality. Written in Python.

trac 300x222 - Free Helpdesk Software

Trouble Ticket Express

Web based CGI help desk system. Both MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server supported.

trouble tickets1 300x128 - Free Helpdesk Software


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