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General SEO

Below is a Galido Networks SEO post from 2007.  While SEO has changed so much in almost a decade, it still comes down to these basics.

Search Engine Optimization – Key Suggestions

1. Submit Site to search engines

2. Submit site to directories (yahoo directories, dmoz project). Participate in forums and include links to your site.
Option: It is an option to get on the list by yahoo and dmoz for a fee of $300. This help you greatly in increasing your page rank and will help move traffic to your site.

3. Analyze page titles and keywords. Find high traffic keywords and optimize your site according to those keywords.

4. Insert search engine friendly meta tags; create robots.txt file and urlist.txt to tell search engines what links are available on your site
Note: Companies like google, altavista, msn, etc. do not look at meta tags as high priority when determining page relevance; they are heavy on alt tags and content;

5. Optimize your content. Use tags; ex. give your images alt tags with keywords

6. If products are advertised, create a ror.xml file that lists all your products and descriptions of products; this information is pulled by the search engines

7. Create a sitemap to help expose available links on your site

8. Page Rank: Page rank is increased by how popular your site is on the internet. Page rank is calculated depending on how many site have linked you to theirs. If you site appears on a high ranking website, your rank will also be increased

You: Start exchanging links with other industry sites to help improve your page rank

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