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GOOG-411 no longer in service.

GOOG-411 no longer works. The catch for the service was to get pronunciations, accents, and business names to power its voice recognition.

Microsoft Bing-411 has stepped up to the plate. 1-800-BING-411 (1-800-246-4411) Gives you directions, traffic conditions, and weather reports — on any phone.

Google SMS is another option. Text message your search query to 466453 (“GOOGLE” on most devices) and we’ll text message back your results. Try our interactive demo below and view results on the phone image as you would on your own mobile device.

Lastly, 1-800-FREE-411 (1-800-373-3411) is another option, but you have to listen to a 10-second advertisement before you can use the service.

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