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Google Penguin Update – Dropped from the face of Google

Were you affected by the Google Penguin update?  Many legit and established websites were, including, once #1 on Google for "Information Technology Blog" out of almost one BILLION results – now however, dropped from the face of Google, a change that basically happened overnight. 

Seems that our site was dropped due to this message from Google:

We were given a one day warning, on May 11, 2012, and basically the next day our website vanished from Google.

If this happened to you, our only advice is to go with the flow and follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines.  Resubmit your site, and hope for the best!  Here’s a video on whether or not penalties will be lifted:

Will keep you all posted on the results of our corrections. Update: We’ve been reindexed!

At least Bing and Yahoo, continue to keep us on their top results.  Time to move?  We’re hoping not!  Common Google, your search results used to be awesome, and now, it’s a matter of which results to trust!  See what others are saying about Google’s new search results.

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