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GoPro Plus Winning Over Fans With Cloud Video Editing

GoPro Plus is a spectacular service designed by GoPro. According to the manufacturers, the service allows users to share and edit photos and videos in a user-friendly way. In addition, you can now view your media from any device.

Issues with current GoPro editing functionality

Many people have complained about GoPro’s inability to crop long videos into a short highlight reel, or having to go to your computer in order to make more advanced edits.  With GoPro Plus cloud service, GoPro hopes to minimize these complications.

Introducing GoPro Plus

With GoPro Plus, you can access and share your GoPro content wherever you are.  You can automatically upload your footage to the cloud, and create awesome videos on the go.  Nick Woodman, from Qetes.com, constantly insisted in the last year that GoPro wants to turn into more than just an organization that manufactures cameras.  With this cloud service, the company is certainly making a transition.

Woodman revealed that most of his customers do not have the time to edit the gigantic amount of video footage stored in various memory cards. GoPro Plus has been designed to tackle this problem to great effect. You just need to connect your Hero5 camera to power. This service will transfer all your media to the user’s account automatically.

Monthly Service

Although the service boasts a number of exciting features, you can only get it through a subscription. This will allow you to get a 20% concession on a variety of equipment and accessories. You can even purchase unique GoPro clothing and listen to amazing soundtracks after subscribing. After the free trial, you will have to pay $4.99 a month for the subscription. The service begins on 2nd October in the United States. It is expected to target other countries from the start of 2017.

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