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Great Benefits of Corporate Intranet Systems

A company which has a number of employees can greatly benefit from having a system that provides a single point of access to information, applications, services and processes. Such perks can give your company a boost when working on projects, managing employees, selling to clients, and running the business as a whole.

Corporate intranet systems are just that- a system that encompasses most of the digital processes required in the business, making tasks easier and quicker to accomplish.

There are numerous advantages that a business can gain from setting up a corporate intranet system. Among these are the following:


A corporate intranet acts as a private website using intranet portal software that can be accessed only by authorized users. Used mainly in the business, only employees, owners and executives gain access to it through secure usernames and passwords. Therefore, an intranet is a safe place to store confidential company information that would otherwise be exposed to unauthorized users in a public website.


By making communication between employees faster through easy just-in-time dissemination of information, announcements and updates as well as access to important documents for use in completing projects, employees are able to accomplish more tasks in a short amount of time.


Today’s corporate environment is no longer restricted to the four walls of the office or conference room. Team members are able to work on projects even without having to gather in one room but collaborate electronically through audio or video conferencing. Several services may be made available through the intranet so that team members are able to brainstorm, make changes to the project and view the latest changes made by others. Screen sharing or desktop sharing will save them a huge amount of time to complete projects and meet deadlines.


Being able to communicate in one private website, access files on demand and collaborate on projects regardless of the physical location greatly helps the business and its employees to achieve more without incurring unnecessary time and expenses. As employees are able to maximize the company’s resources, the business can achieve more in less time.


To maximize Return on Investment, the company can utilize a corporate intranet system and save on travel, telephone and printing costs. Communication can be made mostly digitally through chat, forums, e-mails and video conferencing so that the need to convene in the office is diminished. There is no longer a need to print newsletters, memorandums, forms and other office documents as they can be published on the intranet.

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