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Helpful Technologies to Get a Satisfying Night’s Rest

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Every article and guide you read with any substance will tell you that using technology at bedtime will inhibit your sleep and the quality of it too. But, this is generally referring to the screen time that you rack up when using tablets, TVs and smartphones to stare at the screen.

Put simply, these screens release a blue light that blocks melatonin release, therefore preventing you from effectively getting to sleep at night; so, you should be aiming to turn the screens off around two hours before you go to bed.

However! Aside from casting your eyes onto a screen/multiple screens at night, there is, in fact, technology out there that can assist you into getting some much needed, well-enjoyed sound slumber, and we’ve picked a handful out for you below.

Try a white noise app

Whether it’s noisy neighbours or the noise pollution or the goings on outside where you live at night which are causing you the lion’s share of your barriers to sleep, you want to block these distractions out as best as you can when you’re in bed if you are to sleep soundly.

Using a white noise app allows you to relax via a range of sounds that are included in your chosen app. White noise is basically a unique kind of sound signal that can effectually mask background sounds.

So, when it’s used as a way to support and promote sleep that is healthy, white noise helps cancels out those disturbing noises that prevent you from drifting off and staying asleep.

Slip on a sleep mask

As Sarah Cummings of sleepadvisor.org will regularly advocate, your body is innately programmed to sleep when it’s dark.

Light can present itself as one of the biggest blockers of sleep, which is actually quite an annoyance given that with windows in your bedroom, it can be inescapable. However, if you choose to place a sleep mask on when you go to bed, it can offer itself up as a pretty handy problem solver.

Having utter darkness with the help of a mask that doesn’t become restrictive or feels uncomfortable can be just the thing you need for prime slumber. While this might not be a ground-breaking piece of tech, the developers of modern sleep masks have spent significant time and effort in making sure their product doesn’t resemble the cliché frilly number that nanna Mavis used to wear!

Employ a smart alarm

The days of waking up when the set time of your alarm starts going off are gone! Waking up when your mind isn’t at a stage when you should be being woken up can be a startling and unwelcome start to the day.

If you’re in deep sleep, you will have no fondness of an alarm sound pulling you out of it, and it’s also not the best time to wake up either. By using tech such as a sleep cycle device, it will monitor your sleep throughout the night and assess the optimum time to wake you up in the morning within a set period of time.

You will also find that there is no blaring, brash alarm sounds either. There will be a gradual volume increase to gently bring you out of your slumber during a stage of light sleep.

Fit some blackout blinds

If, when you read our advice on owning a sleep mask, you weren’t too keen, there’s always the option of blackout blinds to avert light from seeping into the room, to begin with. What’s more, the addition of blackout blinds can provide a less disturbing pro-sleep option as masks are attached to your head and face; something that light sleeps may not get on with.

Blinds are versatile, have adjustable slats, and can be set to how best suits you to help you sleep like a baby. Blackout blinds are usually created with a unique material, such as aluminum lining or mylar, which act as superior light barriers.

Additionally, they’re strong preventers of light leakage as they don’t have those gaps around the edges of the window that curtains have.

If you’re unable to have blackout blinds for whatever reason, you can turn to blackout material-lined curtains which will give you the best alternative.

Pick your pillows wisely

Pillows go through rigorous amounts of testing and painstaking research to come up with what might possibly be the best sleep aid there is for anyone!

How and what you lay your head on at night can regularly be undervalued, but when you really think about the fact that this sleep accessory is supporting three of the most critical parts of the body; your head, your neck and your spine it becomes apparent that you need to have the best pillows for you.

Lying down with sorry-looking, old, worn out pillows can give you all kinds of problems, including headaches, and pain in the neck and shoulders, but sleeping with contour pillows that are shaped to provide optimal support can take these issues out of the equation.

Coming in different shapes and sizes, you can pick the right one for the kind of sleeper you are, whether that’s sleeping on your front, side, or back. Get the right fit and sound sleep will become natural at night-time for you.

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