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History and Future of Technology [Videos]

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Some cool videos on the History and Future of Information Technology

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=m2TkrC40VUc width=640 height=480 anchor=https://galido.net/lightbox/data/thumbnails/0.png] [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=meX1h4oqV38 width=640 height=480 anchor=https://galido.net/lightbox/data/thumbnails/3.png]
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[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=8xurTe2EHao width=640 height=480 anchor=https://galido.net/lightbox/data/thumbnails/5.png] [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=OptqxagZDfM width=640 height=480 anchor=https://galido.net/lightbox/data/thumbnails/8.png] [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=6yWzKvQXsYM width=640 height=480 anchor=https://galido.net/lightbox/data/thumbnails/10.png] [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=OsP3M4eA1xE width=640 height=480 anchor=https://galido.net/lightbox/data/thumbnails/11.png] More Tech Videos ad banner 619 2 - History and Future of Technology [Videos]

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  1. These videos only goes to show how the IT industry has grown over the years and the contribution that it gave every company. Technological advancement are just around the corner waiting to be discovered by geniuses.

  2. Information technology and software in the U.S. According to experts, the volume of digital information is expected to increase tenfold every five years.

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