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How far can a determined person can get with just your email address and IP

How exposed is your information on the Internet?  How far can a simple email, or your harvested IP and email address lead to your location or a plethora of personal information about you?

Did you know that from a simple email, your email address and IP address can give away information like where your email was sent from and where you are from, all the way down to your address, phone number and information about your relatives?

Trace Email to Know Actual Sender

All you need to trace the IP of an email is the email’s host header.  Copy the header information and paste into www.ip2location.com/free/email-tracer (you will need to sign up for a free account) or whatismyipaddress.com/trace-email.  These sites will give you the IP address, as well as latitude longitude coordinates.

Trace location of an IP Address of a Computer

Once you the the IP address, go to whatismyipaddress.com, go to lookup IP address, and enter the IP address.  There are many sites out there.  geoiptool.com is another one.  You can also enter the latitude and longitude coordinates gps-coordinates.net, giving you the physical address or vicinity of the IP.

Other Methods

Lookup email address and find plethora of information from social networking and people search sites.  These sites may provide pictures, your address, phone number and information about your relatives.  All prying eyes would need to do is piece information together to get a detailed report of your life.  Is your information on the Internet safe?  Protect yourself, check out the related articles below.


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