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How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm

Interesting video on how Google determines to make improvements to its search algorithm.

Some Google Facts on Google Algorithms:

  • Google has made over 500 changes to their search algorithms last year (as Amit Signhal) suggests that equates to nearly two per day.
  • Each potential change is analyzed deeply to try and ensure that it is the right thing for users
  • The first step with improving Google’s algorithm always starts with an idea which may be based on “motivating searches”
  • Key ranking engineers look at what signals or data could be integrated into their algorithm to address issues
  • All ideas are tested through scientific testing
  • Google has external people that have been trained to judge whether one ranking is more relevant or higher quality than another by looking at side-by-side sets of results; they use the “Google Sandbox” to test this out on live users as well.
  • All data is rolled up and further looked at by a search analyst in 2010, Google ran over 20,000 different experiments
  • Google conducts launch decision meetings where the leadership of the search team further evaluates the data and makes a decision
  • Google focuses on whether these changes will help users just in the US or based in other various geographic locations 

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