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How I Made a Career Change into Web Development

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Leaping into a career, you have never been into, might be one of the most courageous act. It’s definitely about courage more than anything. Income is a strong factor in a career shift, but to me, the most important component is courage.

Consistency comes next. When you finally dive into a new career, a lot of difficulties welcome you warmheartedly, yes it happens! What helps you in this phase is consistency and a strong will to stick to your passion. Well, you possibly have to deal with many other issues related to finance, law, academics, education, and experience, when you just land into a new field. There are a number of things that I learn from my experience of a career change. Let’s begin sharing them with you guys.

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

Napoleon Hill

The struggles I went through

When I completed my business education, I started working as a finance trainee, later on, I jumped onto better positions, but those positions never soothed my passion of doing something exciting and interesting. Consequently, I changed a few workplaces to help my quest for something exciting. But of no use, my energy level kept going down. I tried to maintain my focus at a point, but it kept on wiggling out. I somehow tried to maintain my workflow however my supervisor was never unhappy with me. Despite all, I managed to keep a good pace of my work and had a good reputation overall. But there was something missing inside me, whenever I leave for work and when I completed a task. When I leave for home, I had a sigh of relief. Sometimes I try to make things work with ongoing work situations but not worth the trouble.

On the other hand, whenever I used to meet friends who were in the field of tech, I got inspired, sometimes overwhelmingly excited. Deep inside my heart, I always have a pursuit to become a web developer, but I had no idea how to start. The start is the most difficult decision I’d say, but not as much as it seems. once you decide, things start getting clear for you.

How did I start

So, one fine day, while I was surfing through YouTube, I randomly came across a story of a teenaged boy who learned programming himself and started earning like a professional. That motivated me; in fact, it gave me a purpose. I started watching YouTube video tutorials on how to become a web developer. More new videos, more chaos and confusion. Still, I hadn’t decided anything. Sometimes when I had more work weight, I stopped for quite sometimes. But as soon as I started feeling bored again, I started learning new things again.

From Decision to Opportunity

However, things weren’t as simple as it seems here, the process of decision making, going through that process, and consistently standing firm is not an easy task. You have to be firm, consistent and courageous. However, one fortunate thing that happened to me was an opportunity to learn web development at weekends. That was the real start. I met people in the field. I met one of my school friend in the training team. I left in surprise again. That motivated me too. Well, as soon as I moved towards the end of the certification program, we had a project to start working on.

I saw myself receiving praises from the instructors and trainers. I was doing really well. I made my mind. The next thing I did was getting advice from professionals. My friend was among them. He was the one who helped in keeping me firm and motivated me all along. I started contributing to projects on a freelance basis initially.

Stepping into My New Career

There came a time I thought I should switch. The pay scale was still lesser than my current salary at that time, but thanks to my sincere friends who motivated me in that phase as well. I had about 3 years of experience in the field I was earlier while in a web development company I had to start as a fresher. The salary difference was obvious. I started looking for a good web development company where I can learn and get a good paycheck. Then, I appeared for interviews, and fortunately got selected in the second one. I started working at Appverticals, where I learned many new things. My supervisor is very cooperative who always motivates me and instruct me for future improvements. She uses to say that my passion for learning and improvement is extraordinary. And that, I believe, is the key. Always keep on the hunt to learn and improve.

Wrapping things up

If you think you are going through a similar situation as mine, trust me decision is the most important factor and then things will start working for you. If you have the courage to make a decision and a driven personality to be consistent, you can make your way to achievement by all means. The day I got into my new career, I couldn’t imagine the success I have acquired now. Also, the fear of a lower pay scale turned into a feast of abundance. Lastly, I would like to remind you all not to lose hope, not at all. If you fall, get up. If you fall again, get up with an even better spirit.

Author Bio: Zubair Hassan is an enthusiast blogger who loves to read and write about personal and professional development. He loves to help people making a better decision for their career switch. He currently works at Appverticals, a professional software development company in Dallas.

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