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How Important is Twitter for Marketing?

With competition like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus, amongst many others, why should you use twitter?  Can’t you accomplish the same thing with any other social media website?

Twitter is an essential component of any content marketing strategy, which might be surprising being limited to only 140 characters, right?

Let’s expand our view of Twitter as an essential component of content marketing.

SEO Benefits

Google seems to acknowledge what comes through social sharing.  They start to appear in rich snippets and on the top of search results depending on the type of content shared.  Content spreads through social media, and Twitter is one of top snippets to appear on searches.  In addition, Twitter provides social backlinks which can be favored by search engines.  Lastly, creating accounts on social media sites provides and additional authoritative link and visible url for your brand.

News hits Twitter first

World news and celebrities you follow often share their news on Twitter first.  This is often a better source of content ideas than any RSS feed you could establish as well as the links they provide.

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Twitter is often the first place to find the latest breakthroughs and ideas.

Twitter Ads

Depending on your target market, you might use Twitter ads to target a demographic or niche market as you would on Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads.

Find relevant people on Twitter easily

Engage with people for your business even if they don’t follow you back.  Twitter offers the fastest way to build an audience of relevant followers for your content. The primary reason is you have an opportunity to interact and engage with people for your business even if they don’t follow you back (you can’t do this on Facebook or LinkedIn).

As a networking tool, Twitter is important to help you find people you are trying to reach.  There are many ways to find these your target audience on Twitter. One good resource is Twellow, which is a sort of Yellow Pages for Twitter. Another is Advanced Twitter Search.  Some may grow their following naturally, while there are services that claim to grow following faster.  Be cautious of these services and look up reviews such as on Spire.


Retweeting content of others helps build your own audience and gives kudos to the original poster.

Social Proof

Tweets and Facebook Likes are probably the most powerful sources of social proof on the web today.  Content that is important is shared and liked, and gives validity to what is important.

Anymore Twitter tips on marketing? Please leave them in the comments section below.

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