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How to Build An Online Empire with Internet Marketing

When it comes to credibility online, there is nothing quite so helpful as being recognized as the authority in a given market.

There are a number of ways to become that authority, but one of the quickest and most effective is to ensure that your name dominates the search results, allowing you the freedom and clout to leverage that popularity into a stable rate of interest from those searching for information in your field. In other words, the more authority you have, the more you can get.

While this sounds like a Catch-22, there are certainly ways to make sure that you can build the self-perpetuating online empire that will benefit you the most.

Choosing Your Specialty

Before you even begin working on dominating a particular niche, it’s important to understand what niche you plan to dominate. With the billions of search queries that happen daily, it’s not a bad idea to choose something very specific. While this might be a problem with a more limited audience, with the sheer volume of searches that happen online every minute, there is almost no level of detail so fine that somebody is not looking for it occasionally. More than anything, it also means that you will have fewer competitors for attention, making it easier to grow a fan base.

This concept is called “long tail marketing,” the idea that the most common searches represent the “head” of something, but adding up all of the searches for less popular queries can still be effective. So choose your niche carefully and don’t be afraid of being specific.

Link Building

The search engines have a very complex system for determining the value of a given link, but they do all agree that links are among the most important factors in determining the relevance of a particular site to a given query. That’s one of the reasons why, for example, websites that have been around longer are given more weight, but even links from new sites can be beneficial.

Often, the best option for link building is to go with a professional link building service that understands these complexities and knows where to post links that will be most effective and help a website or series of websites climb to the highest ranks in search engines.

Buying Old Domains

As mentioned above, search engines tend to give more weight to links built on websites from URLs that have been around for a while. The idea behind this is that a new company or venture can build several websites in order to flood the Internet with backlinks immediately, but there is no faking the amount of time that a URL has been around.

However, there is a method of using this system to your advantage: URL auctions. Often older URLs are auctioned off by companies and individuals for very cheap prices, not only allowing you to have the benefit of an older domain name, but also giving you the opportunity to expand your network of websites and make any backlinks you produce yourself that much more effective.

Creating a Website Network

This is a long term plan, but it’s usually a good idea to create a network of interconnected websites that you can control. They should be focused on the topic but they also need to have original content on all of them in order to make sure that the search engines don’t rate them poorly for having duplicate information.

A website network is incredibly valuable over time, since as one site gains more attention, it can lead to the other sites becoming more relevant as well. This is a cycle that can feed itself so long as you take the time to not only keep up with all of them, but also make them valuable to readers.

These are just a few tips on how you can use Internet marketing and search engine optimization tactics to start building an online empire for yourself. There is nothing better online than being widely recognized as the most authoritative voice on a given topic, so make the effort to put yourself in that position so that you can reap the benefits for your company.

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