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How to Disable Facebook’s facial recognition feature

Facebook, always winding up in a privacy debate battle; But imagine when Facebook’s facial recognition feature backfires on you because now authorities and stalkers alike are able to scan your image (like google goggles) and automatically locate you and any information about you…

“After a picture is uploaded, Facebook looks at all the shining smiles and searches for matches in its slightly creepy database of faces. If it sees someone who it thinks is one of your friends, it alerts you and asks if you want to “tag” them in the photo. By default, everyone’s part of the program; you have to take the initiative in order to opt out. Consider, too, that as part of the program, your face is stored in some sort of centralized repository that can be accessed and matched at a second’s notice. In practicality, is that going to be a real hazard? Probably not. But in principle, it’s certainly a little disturbing.” – Facebook Facial Recognition: New Technology, Familiar Problem

Looking for how to disable suggested tags/Opt Out?  Here how:
If for any reason you don’t want your name to be suggested, you will be able to disable suggested tags in your Privacy Settings. Just click “Customize Settings” and “Suggest photos of me to friends.” Your name will no longer be suggested in photo tags, though friends can still tag you manually.

privacy - How to Disable Facebook's facial recognition feature

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