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How to do Instagram Marketing

With all the social media outlets out there today, it’s quite easy to look the other way when another social network gets mentioned. Marketers are stretched thin when it comes to maintaining social media presence on networks like Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

So how can brands start building an Instagram presence? And how do you start engaging with followers and drive sales? Below features insightful strategies from a dozen Instagram marketing experts.

Instagram, is one network that shouldn’t be ignored.  Since Facebook’s acquired  Instagram in 2012, it’s seen explosive growth, in the range of 300 million active users, 30 billion photos shared, and an average of 70 million photos posted per day.

According to Forrester research, user interactions with brands is 400% higher than on Facebook and Twitter, delivering 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

Instagram Planning

Before you do anything, be clear what hole Instagram would fill in your marketing mix.
Work to understand the demographics who live on Instagram and the content that works best. Give people something to care about and you will be rewarded.


When you use hashtags on photos and followers click the company profile, businesses can include a link on that profile. Use that link to drive traffic to the website or an introductory offer.

Like and Comment

Like and comment on pictures with your target hashtags to get noticed by potential customers.
Search for hashtags relevant to yours and comment.  This allows you to reach out to your target markets and a great way to gain new followers and creates mutual engagement and real friendship.

Consistency is Key

There’s no drop-off in engagement for posting more.
Instagram has an unlimited scrolling feed.  There is usually no drop off in engagement for posting more as long as it’s not annoying.  Steadily posting and commenting daily is good too keep customers reminded and for brand recognition.  Posting 1-2 times is a good thing.

Build A Growth Strategy

With consistency comes growth.  Analyze the effectiveness of your posts and campaigns and have a plan for growing.

Team Up with Other Influencers in Your Industry

Brands can benefit from developing relationships with popular influencers who have extensive reach and are willing to vouch for their product or service
One of the best ways to build a following is to find industry influencers/followers who already have a dedicated audience.

Contests – Share comment like

Post about partner giveaways or your own for your followers.
Posting about giveaways and contents gives followers an incentive to follow and builds following through shares, giving your brand the opportunity to go viral.

Organic, Human Content

People often don’t like seeing advertising.
Making your posts more human and getting followers to relate builds trust, engages, and often helps in conversion.

Email Blasts

Let people know of your existence on Instagram
People love to see nice pictures.  If your business for example is in the business of travel, fashion, or any industry where images can attract attention, share pictures through an email blast and ask them to follow you on Instagram.

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