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How to Download Intel Graphics Driver?

Graphics Drivers are of high importance as you won’t be able to see anything on your PC without them. Intel HD Graphics Driver is common on most of the OEM machines that offer high-quality visuals and images. Either it may be an addictive game or an interesting movie, you need the best updated Graphics Driver for viewing it. You will be using Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 11 on your latest computer.

It is necessary to update Intel Graphics drivers to get better visuals from it. You can update it manually or the best driver updater can help you in this regard. To assist you in keeping your Graphics driver up to date, we have briefed you about all possible methods available in this post. You can use the manual methods or download Advanced Driver Updater for updating your Intel Graphics driver. Let us dive in and learn how we can do this.

How to Download and Install an Intel HD Graphics Driver?

Intel Graphics drivers are necessary software for viewing high-quality elements. You can download the Intel Graphics driver and use it with the following steps.

If you are not aware of the make and model of your Graphics Driver, you can go to the Device Manager, right click on the Graphics Driver and click on the Properties option.

Step 1: Access the Download Centre in your system.

Step 2: Choose the Graphics Driver, Model and OS type from the product family.

Step 3: Filter the driver list with the aid of the product drop menu.

Step 4: Choose the Intel HD graphics driver in the products drop-down menu.

Step 5: Select your OS configuration.

Step 6: Ensure the suitability of the selected driver

Step 7: Choose the download option after reviewing the product description.

How to Update Intel Graphics Driver?

It is necessary to update your Intel Graphics Driver to make it work better. Here is how to update Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 11 or earlier versions.

Step 1: Press (Win + R) to open the Run command window.

Step 2: Type devmgmt.msc and hit the Enter key to open the Device Manager.

Step 3: Select the Display Adapters to access your Graphics drivers.

Step 4: Right-click on the Intel HD Graphics Driver and choose the option to Update Driver.

Step 5: Select Browse my Computer for Drivers option and locate the downloaded Windows 11 Intel Graphics Driver to update the file.

Step 6: Follow the wizard to finish the installation and restart the computer once done.

Update Intel HD Graphics Driver Using Windows Updates

You can also use your Windows to update your Windows 11 Intel Graphics Driver. Windows Updates feature automatically install all the latest drivers if it is set to scan, download, and install them automatically.

Step 1: Press (Win +I) to access the Settings window.

Step 2: Scroll down and choose the Update & Security option in the settings.

Step 3: Select the Windows Update option and click on the Check for Updates button to search for the latest updates, device drivers, patches, bug fixes, and other driver updates.

Step 4: Allow permissions if prompted by the system and choose the driver version you wish to install.

Step 5: Select the install updates option to confirm your selection. Windows may ask you to restart the computer if it installs any critical updates.

How to Update Your Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 11 using Advanced Driver Updater?

The manual methods for updating Intel HD Graphics Driver are tiresome and time-consuming. To update your graphics faster you can use the best driver updater software. Advanced Driver Updater is one of the best tools to download the updated Intel Graphics Driver.

Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater is one of the best driver updater software to automatically scan and update your Windows 11 graphic driver. The tool is capable of installing device drivers like printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, camera, Bluetooth, display, disk drivers, firmware, monitor, network adapters, processors, USB ports, etc.

Advanced Driver Updater can easily scan, download, and install updated files for your graphic driver as and when it is released. You can synchronize your driver package with the latest updates in the software using this application. Advanced Driver Updater can help you in getting better visuals while using your games application.


  • Updated driver library from all the OEMs
  • Can update all the outdated drivers with one click
  • Ability to backup and restore previous versions of drivers
  • Can provide you with a large database of updated driver software
  • Capable of supporting almost all versions of Windows operating system
  • Capable of monitoring your driver software for virus infections
  • Multiple inbuilt utilities for advanced driver related issues
  • You can schedule and define the updated scanning
  • Can also fix gaming and video errors

Bottom Line

Graphics Drivers are the key factors for high-resolution graphics and visuals. With an updated driver, you can get a better visual experience while using your media files and gaming apps. To keep your Windows 11 Intel Graphics Driver updated, you may rely on manual methods as well as the best driver updater software. We have collated all the simple steps to update graphics drivers using the manual methods and with the help of Advanced Driver Updater in this post. We believe that these insights can help you in getting better graphics out of your Windows PC.

Meta: Corrupted Graphics Driver? Here is how to download Intel Graphics Driver and install Intel Graphics Driver on Windows 11 or earlier versions.

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