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How to Download Music or Video directly onto iPhone 6/6s iOS without iTunes

Apple prides itself on simplicity, but transferring files from the computer to iPhone is an overly complicated task.  One of the annoyances of iPhone iOS is the inability to download video or music directly to your phone without jailbreaking it or purchasing pricey file managers.  If you have switched to iPhone from being an Android user, this will be a very annoying process.

Apple provides iTunes for syncing your music, video and files, however this can be problematic if you have multiple devices, don’t want to wipe your existing data, and don’t always want to wait long minutes to hours for your devices to sync.  Prior to syncing, you may even be asked to run a major update which will take excessively long, just to get a couple songs onto your iPhone.

There is no real direct way without the help of software or cloud-based services, but there are workarounds to shorten the time to accomplish such a simple task.  There is plenty of software that enables you to download your music or videos, though many of them require you to be dependent on their software to open your files.  If you want a simple straight-forward method of transferring/copying files, here are a some methods and workarounds that may help.


If you don’t have your lightning cable to sync up to the computer, this is probably the “cleanest”, “easiest”, and free way to get files across. Connect both devices (computer and iOS device) to your wifi network. Download the Airtransfer app on your iOS device and click wifi at the bottom to get the URL you will be placing into your browser. Copy the URL to your browser and begin transferring files.


Dropbox is another easy, free way to get your files across. You can use Dropbox to upload music, video, photos and files to it, and access Dropbox from your iPhone to download the files you need/want.  Basically setup Dropbox on both devices, upload files from your computer to Dropbox, access Dropbox from your iPhone, and download away.

Other Methods

Here are some other methods of downloading and transferring files.

Apple is known for releasing products that are not at full industry standard capability to give them room for releasing multiple versions and updated models in the near future (ex. fixed memory).  Perhaps this simplistic functionality is due for a later release?  If you have any tips or updated methods for transferring files, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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