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How to Fix iTunes Sync Error 54

Among the many errors we can find when we are using iTunes there are none that we would like to see. In this article, we will try to clear all the doubts that you can have regarding the error -54, an error that is more common in Windows than in Mac, but in the Apple operating system, we will see it on some rare occasion. On many occasions, it is related to the multimedia library of iTunes.

This error -54 occurred, occurs when an iPad, iPod, or iPhone user attempts to synchronize their device with the help of iTunes. A notification gets flashed on the device’s screen that “you cannot sync the iPhone. An unknown error occurred (-54). “

There are a handful of reasons behind the issue of the iTunes sync error.

One of the main reasons behind it may be that your iOS or PC device may be inaccessible, modified or blocked. The ITunes version could be old, and this may be the cause of the problem. If you have recently updated Windows 10, it may be the reason behind the problem. Permission problems can also be a cause behind the error -54. Your PC will not let you modify the data in it.

Here are some tips you can follow to get rid of this bug on your Apple device. Read on to learn more about them in detail.

Causes of the error -54

  • Corrupt download or incomplete installation of iTunes.
  • The library is corrupt.
  • Windows registry entry corrupted by a software change related to iTunes that has recently occurred (installation or uninstallation).
  • Virus that has corrupted Windows system files or other files related to iTunes.
  • Another program has deleted iTunes-related files by mistake. In the second case, it would be a kind of virus.

How to fix the -54 error in iTunes

Update the system

The first thing we will do, as always, is to check if we have any pending updates. If we have it, we install it.

Choose the library again

The next things we will do are open iTunes by clicking ALT (Mac) or Shift (Windows) and choose the “iTunes” folder to detect the library again. It is possible that this way everything works correctly again.

Repair the library with Recovery/Backup Software

If the library is corrupt and we cannot recover it by re-indicating its route, there are applications that can be useful. It’s free.

Analyze the system with your antivirus

The next thing we will do is to command our antivirus to make sure that we do not have any software that could be causing the -54 error. Logically, depending on the software we will use a different interface and system.

Uninstall and re-install iTunes

In addition to iTunes, we will also uninstall and install all related software.

Retrieve a previous state

On Mac, we can use Time Machine to return to a state before the last change made. In Windows, we will use the restoration system.

Update the drivers

In the same way as the software, it could be that the error -54 came as a result of outdated drivers. On Mac, that’s automatic, but in Windows it’s not always, especially in older versions. You can use DriverDoc for Windows, which will save you time, effort and health when looking for them.

Try some of the following options:

  • Restart iTunes
  • Connect the device to another USB port
  • Restart your Mac or PC
  • Restart your device
  • Change the Lightning-USB cable
  • Delete iTunes and reinstall it by choosing, when you step on it, your iTunes Library that you’ll find in the Music folder

Runtime errors such as “Error -54” can be caused by a variety of factors; therefore, it is important that you solve the problems of each possible cause to prevent it from happening again.

I hope this advice is useful in case you have to face the error (-54) of iTunes, you can ask all the questions you have and also help other users to solve their doubts.

Sync iPhone to Mac

You can Sync Iphone to Mac through some simple settings that are made through iCloud. Take advantage of having your devices connected and keep all information accessible from any device.

How do you synchronize Mac with iPhone?

Sharing your content is simple, configuring features through iCloud to access your documents, music or photos from synchronized devices.

With iOS devices you can always be synchronized through the Apple cloud and always keep it updated when you set it up with the same account. You can save emails, notes, calendars, contacts, ..

Go to Settings> iCloud. Here we have to activate or deactivate the desired functions and then click on Synchronize actions with the cloud and enable everything.

By having the devices synchronized we can use all the advantages offered by MacOS Sierra, such as the universal clipboard, which allows the transfer of text, links and photographs without the need to connect both devices and directly from the notebook.

Synchronizing your files in iCloud increases the security of your data and copies when you delete, restore or perform an update in these terminals and it is especially useful to use shared applications between both devices.

And also if you are looking for an alternative to iTunes, then I recommend MacX MediaTrans.

MacX MediaTrans – an iTunes Alternative for Mac

If we say that iTunes is not exactly the application most Apple users loved, it will surely come as no surprise. Over time the Apple synchronization application has been accumulating so many functions that it has become a “monster” that most prefer to avoid.

However there are times when we are forced to use it, because we want to make copies of our devices, transfer photos, music or any other type of data before an update or a change of device. Today we present a much simpler but equally effective iTunes alternative of for Mac: MacX MediaTrans.

iTunes started as a program with which to synchronize our music with iPods, but over the years, it has become a heavy application and full of options that many do not use. MacX Media Trans eliminates all those superfluous options and focuses on what is really important for most users, the exchange of files between the iPhone and the computer.

MacX MediaTrans is software with which you can completely forget iTunes to manage your device data or make backup copies. Thanks to this application you can perform these tasks in a more convenient, simple, fast and without the limitations of Apple’s official options.

With this software you can transfer photos, videos, contacts, music or any other content in a personalized way between an iPhone and a Mac. In other words, you can select the exact files that you want to transfer from one device to another.

In addition, you will also avoid the limitations that iTunes has as an iPhone can only be synchronized with a single computer or cannot play content by not having the proper format (MediaTrans is automatically responsible for changing the format to be 100% compatible with iOS).

Differences between MediaTrans, iTunes and iCloud

How does MacX MediaTrans work?

MacX MediaTrans is one of the best ways to transfer photos, videos and sync music to iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Its ease of use, speed and versatility make it one of the best alternatives to iTunes that currently exist to perform tasks such as backups or device changes, but …

How does this application really work?

I think the best way to explain it is with an example, so in the following lines, I show you how to use the application to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac.

  1. Open the application and connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the computer with the USB cable.
  2. In the main menu of MediaTrans click on the Photo Transfer section.
  3. Select the photos you want. You can select them all or use the folders and date filters that are on the left or top right of the screen.
  4. Once the selection of photos has been made, click on the Export button or drag the images to a folder of the computer.

This is it; with these simple steps, you will have the photos on the computer. No need to use the Photos application that includes macOS, or iTunes.

In addition to all, this program is capable of performing things that are unimaginable in iTunes, look:

  • You can encrypt your files so that only you, or who knows the password, can see them. This way you can have your archive of photos or secret videos with total security.
  • You can make ringtones easily with the music you have on your Mac. MacX Media Trans makes them automatically compatible when converting MP3s to AAC.
  • Turn your iPhone into a USB storage drive. You can pass the files you want to your iPhone just by dragging them to the program. It was never so easy to move things from your Mac to the iPhone.

As you can see, MacX Media Trans is the most complete program. Remember that you can download it for free while the promotion lasts, take advantage…

No doubt iTunes needs an important update. At the moment it is inefficient software and that does not end up like the majority of people due to its limitations.

I encourage you to download the full 15-day trial version offered by MacX MediaTrans and test all its features. If it convinces you, then you can buy full premium version.

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