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How to Hack an App

Do you know how to hack an app? Well if not, it’s easier than you may think. With just a few readily available tools, today’s hackers are able to exploit a mobile app in just a matter of minutes.

So, why are so many apps susceptible to attack? Often times, with so much pressure to get the app to market, many developers overlook application protection as being a vital part in protecting their app against hackers. Among the most vulnerable area of attack, is the application’s binary code. Hackers can easily reverse-engineer an app’s binary code back to its original source code. From there, a hacker is able to modify security controls, alter run-time behavior, and inject malicious code. Watch Jonathan Carter, from Arxan Technologies, explain just how easy it is for hackers to perform the following attack vectors and exploit sensitive user information.

iTunes Code Encryption Bypass
Learn how hackers bypass iOS encryption to progress a mobile app attack.

Android APK Reverse Engineering
Watch how easy it is for hackers to reverse engineer binary code (the executable) back to source code and primed for code tampering.

Algorithm Decompilation and Analysis
See how hackers leverage a tool called “Hopper” to initiate a static, springboard attack for counterfeiting and stealing information.

Baksmali Code Modification
Learn how hackers can easily crack open and disassemble (Baksmali) mobile code.

Reverse Engineering String Analysis
Watch how hackers use strings analysis as a core element for reverse engineering

Swizzle with Code Substitution
Learn how hackers leverage infected code to attack critical class methods of an application to intercept API calls and execute unauthorized code, leaving no trace with the code reverting back to original form

Understanding application internal structures and methods via Class Dumps
See how hackers use this widely available tool to analyze the behavior of an app as a form of reverse engineering and as a springboard to method swizzling.

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