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How to Incentivize Recycling

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Recycling App Combines Incentives to Win money into your google or apple pay account instantly.

We have heard it all. Lets cut to the chase.  Recycling is boring and sweepstakes have such a bad reputation, they can nearly all be considered a scam.   Society is moving towards a more open and transparent network utilizing blockchain technology.

All transactions are available on the chain for everyone to see, unless you like to use privacy networks because you have something to hide, but that’s an entirely different conversation.

VRV LLC is changing the recycling and sweepstakes industry using the open and transparent model that blockchain cherishes.

How to Incentivize Recycling: Via Rewards and Sweepstakes

How does it work?

VRV is a recycling app that allows an individual to setup their recycling schedule for $1-$2. They provide drop off locations dependent on consumers concerns.

From used clothes, wine corks, electronic batteries and aluminum foil we can program any material.  They are a for profit company, however operate like a nonprofit. 70% of your paid recycling schedule funds legitimate sweepstakes, contest and humanitarian efforts. 30% keeps us in business but depending on circumstances 100% can go back to the community. VRV LLC is open to auditing and will provide tools for anyone to audit at will.

Beginning 9-1-19 Mon-Fri anyone who downloads the vrv app will have a chance to win $10 all they have to do is register in the app and they are permanently in. VRV uses a quantum physics random number computer card to select winners in the most unbiased manner and will post proof on exactly who won. What sweepstakes host have you seen do this? We will take a guess, ZERO. Quit wasting your time with those sweepstakes where you have to keep filling out forms after forms with no transparency to what is going on.

The more people we get on VRV the better it becomes. We can force a surge of recycling by creating a contest. For example we can say setup your recycling schedule for $2, turn your materials in and solve this puzzle to win $500.

Recycle, reduce, reuse. Sign up to win cash weekly.

Download the app and let’s make recycling and sweepstakes fun and honest.

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