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How To Monetize Your Website?

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There are various options for making money with your website, of which Google Adsense is the best known. However, you must keep in mind that the advertising market has collapsed considerably throughout the world in recent years.

In this article, some tips are worked out for how you can generate income with your website. We assume that your website contains unique texts. We are looking at the option of recruiting advertisers ourselves, using affiliate programs or using Google Adsense. Also, we will discuss the possibility of setting up our store or using a digital collection box.

Optimize your website: SEO

The first important point is to ensure that your website is SEO optimized. Affordable SEO (search engine optimization), contains many tools that make your website rank first in a search engine. The basic condition for affordable SEO service is to have relevant unique texts on your website and to update them regularly with new content. If you do nothing but copy texts from others, you will never get many unique visitors. The chance that you will earn money with this is nowadays almost excluded. Everything starts with creating and maintaining a website that is relevant to your visitors. SEO service plays a major role in monetizing your website, which involves certain steps to be followed and those steps are listed on the glamy SEO service site.

Optimize your texts

One aspect that is often overlooked is sound copywriting. The texts on a website must encourage visitors to continue reading. This is the only way to convince them to click or to buy. With a few practical tips, the readability of online texts is quickly greatly improved, so that websites will achieve much better results. For example, 2 sales per 100 visitors instead of 1 sale. And all without investing in attracting extra visitors!

Attract advertisers yourself

You can choose to recruit advertisers for your website yourself. You will then probably approach companies that are relatively close to your product. If you have a website about cooking, you will be sponsored by a supermarket rather than a bicycle store. The disadvantage of this method is that it costs a lot of time and money and that the revenues are usually limited. Large companies do not buy advertising space with a (relatively) small website. These companies opt for larger websites or use an advertising program such as Google Adsense.

Affiliate programs

There are various so-called affiliate programs. An affiliate promotes products from a partner and receives a commission if this results in effective sales. You will only achieve revenue if your partner sees sales increase due to your efforts.

A concrete example is the Bol.com partner program. If you write a review about a cookbook, you can directly create a link to the web store where you can purchase the book. You will receive a small percentage of this. The advantage of this is that on the one hand, you offer a service to visitors, but you can also earn money from it. The disadvantage is that you have to be visited a lot (and therefore have to sell a lot) to earn something from it. A disadvantage is also that if the quality of your affiliate partner is not good (and it does not deliver or delivers too late, for example), the visitor will look at you. Unlike Adsense, for example, it is often not clear that people do not do business with you, but they do with your partner.

It is also an option to join a so-called affiliate network such as TradeTracker. You can register for this without obligation and this network has a large number of large and well-known advertisers available. You register individually for each campaign and the seller then decides whether you can promote his product.

PayPro offers opportunities for promoting ebooks. After creating an account, you choose which digital products you are going to promote. There are probably a few who match your niche.

You can also see if the services that you use might offer an affiliate program. For example, the affiliate program of Plus500 is very popular in the financial world.

Earn per click: Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program that pays per click and it is the easiest way to make some money with your website. Adsense ensures that suitable advertisements are displayed with your articles (based on the indexation that Google makes of your website). For example, if your site often contains the word “cookbook”, Adsense will place advertisements with cookbooks. If your website is about investing in student rooms, real estate ads will also appear. Adsense normally pays per click, but you can also choose to be paid based on the number of impressions.

You can choose how you want to organize the Adsense advertisements. For example, you can have the Adsense ads appear as short text links or images (banners) on the page. The more attention you give the Adsense ads, the more clicks it generates (and therefore income). But you must also remember that the website is central and not Adsense.

Adsense also has the option to put a small search engine on your site, so you get money for the results and clicks. In addition to your wallet, this Adsense option also helps the visitor.

Be careful with this program. Websites from the network are also thrown out regularly. You must place a clear privacy disclaimer explaining the Google cookies, you may not ask people to click on your ads, the content on your page must be unique, there may be no ads besides erotic content or violent content … You are also responsible for what your visitors’ post (if user-generated content comes on your site).

Google also hates MFA websites (Made For Adsense), these are small websites that deal with a topic such as, for example, applying for a subsidy for solar water heaters. This information can also be found on the websites of the official authorities, but as an internet entrepreneur, it is sometimes a breeze to come up in the search results above the website of the government. This will result in many visitors, but Google Adsense can penalize you for this. Google would like you to work on a website: regularly post new and relevant, unique articles. If you do not do this, Google can cancel your account. Creating a new account with your data will therefore no longer work, you will be excluded from the Adsense program forever.

Earn money immediately

All the options mentioned in this article are ways to indirectly make money with your websites. Whether it is an affiliate program or Adsense, they are all advertisements that you post.

It is also possible to start selling products on your website yourself, for example, t-shirts or other gadgets to support your website. Various producers can take over the entire process from you, so you no longer have to worry about that. Crucial here is that the subject of your website lends itself to this and it is preferably an extra service to your visitors.

Another option is to put a digital collection box on your website via Paypal. This allows people to easily transfer money to you if they need to support your website or initiative. Just as with the previous point, your website must be suitable for this. The income is also a lot less regular than advertisements via Adsense or an affiliate program.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an absolute must. This will only work if you have a website on which you regularly post new messages. You can propose visitors to subscribe to your free newsletter. There is a lot of software to easily send newsletters, as you can read here on our website.

Readers will come to your website when there are new articles. This ensures more regularity in visitors and therefore more stable income on your website. Moreover, you can even place advertisements in your newsletter. You can also start selling these individually again. Or you can also create advertisements for affiliate programs in which you participate.

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In summary

There are a large number of possibilities to earn money with your website. That way you can recruit advertisers yourself, which takes a relatively long time. You can also use affiliate programs. This is easy to achieve but does not produce much for a small site. Google Adsense places appropriate advertisements on your website. You are quickly assured of income if you provide relevant and unique texts on your website, but you must adhere to the many conditions of the Adsense program.

You can also choose to open a store on your website or to place a digital collection box on your website.

Finally, you can also create and send a free newsletter. You can place advertisements here. The newsletter will also ensure traffic to your website: more and more regular visitors result in higher advertising income on your website.

The best advice is to use a combination of all these resources. Adsense can easily be combined with your store or affiliate marketing. Keep an eye on the most important rule: the site must be attractive to visitors and good content must be central. Only then can you earn money permanently.

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