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How to run an iPad in kiosk mode for your business

The iPad has proven to be a valuable business tool, many business users have enjoyed the productivity and communications benefit of using an iPad in business as a personal computing tablet. But there are other far reaching uses of the iPad for business use which many business owners have not managed to tap into.

Business can use iPads enclosed in a robust iPad stand to use as a valuable lead generation and product promotion tool to drive business to your exhibition stand or retail outlet.

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You can use it to collect customer information such as their email, phone and other valuable details and add them to your email marketing sequence. This will allow you to remarket to them over and over again.

Customers are familiar with the iPad, know its inner workings, gestures and the general workings of the tablet so when used as an interactive kiosk device it can allow visitors to immediately get to grips with it.

Case in point the iPad can be used as a customer facing interactive kiosk. UK based iPad stand hire firm UbookRental helps business set up iPads to run in kiosk mode and also supplies the equipment themselves to help customers on a short term basis.

But renting can be expensive if used for longer than a couple of days, it’s certainly not designed for long term use. So what solutions are available to you for use in your business in the long term?

Well you can fairly easily buy an iPad and iPad stand for use in your business. But the software needs to be configured correctly in order to allow it to run to your requirements.

Tips to use iPad in kiosk mode

  1. Make sure you select a stand that has the home button covered, this will prevent the end user from exiting your website or app.
  2. Avoid using the default web browser (Safari) and install an app like kiosk pro, locpad, padlock, loungepad etc. These apps will further prevent users from exiting your website domain or launching apps from within the web browser.
  3. Disable auto lock/sleep, iPads are designed to shut off after a period of inactivity, make sure you disable this feature so the iPad doesn’t sleep.
  4. Disable 4/5 finger gestures, this is a new feature added in ios5+ which allows users to exit apps without using the home button. Disabling this will mean the iPad app should be firmly locked in place

Following these tips should help you run your kiosk mode iPad stand smoothly and perform your desired marketing action.

Make your setup look more professional with these iPad kiosk accessories:

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