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How to Start a Career in Tech

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Starting an IT career is probably the wisest career choice in the 21st century. We are presently experiencing the technology era, where everything revolves around the internet and instant communication.

Smartphones, AI robots, smart glasses, VR, AR, cryptocurrency – these are all “booming” industries that have already started to impact our daily lives in subtle ways.

For example, Google and Facebook are both using AI algorithms to track, measure, and use data. Personalization, customization, and mostly all marketing strategies revolve around coding. Websites, mobile applications, graphic designs – they’re built through code.

Well, the information technology (IT) is no longer a “career”. It is “the career”. For that reason, those who quickly realize that and choose to approach this amazing field of activity will usually end their “money problems” once and for all.

Starting a career in tech is simple. Becoming a great IT professional is extremely difficult. Some people compare the difficulty of the IT industry with the healthcare industry. Both information technicians and doctors struggle to manage their time and work every day. That’s because they’ve taken the wrong approach, one that doesn’t work and must be immediately changed.

Nevertheless, if you’re currently considering starting an IT career, the following tips & tricks might be truly useful to you.

Focus on Your IT Education

College and university degrees are still extremely relevant if you’re looking to get a job that involves the climb of the corporate ladder. However, if you’re wondering how to start in IT without enrolling in a traditional academic experience, the answer is simple.

There are many IT programs, seminars, webinars, courses, books, and blogs. You can be an autodidact and “build your own portfolio”. Freelancing jobs can help you gain experience, while internships represent real goldmines if you apply in the right place.

Pick Your Niche and Master It

If you want to be successful at something – it can be anything – you need to focus. You must make a big initial choice and decide what your long-term focus will be.

The long-term objective should sound like this:

  • I want to become one of the top mobile app developers in my country.
  • I want to become the best technical website developer in the world.
  • I want to become an ingenious AI engineer that works in the VR industry.

Specific yet broad at the same time.

Now if we pick the first goal (becoming a mobile app developer), The short-term objective should sound like this:

  • I am going to study the national mobile app marketplace, identify the best apps, and study their functionalities until I gather 10 relevant key points that’ll help me define my future work.
  • I am going to search for the best 10 books, best 10 blogs, and the best 10 authors on mobile development. I’ll start studying each and gather all the useful information I need to start.
  • Once my research is over, I am starting the first application. The topic will be chosen once I gather more context and knowledge from the researching process.

That was a very practical example of how I would act if I would start a career in IT. Choose both long-term and short-term goals and let your actions be guided by them!

“Steal” From Others

Why don’t you sign up for an internship?

No college degree? No problem. Try a different way.

Start seeking random IT companies on the web and email them telling what you can do. Tell them that you’re willing to do it for free, as long as you can learn and evolve as a coder.

One of my most productive internships at a customized writing essay service involved figuring out an “impossible” solution at that time. We were trying to achieve what the most basic email autoresponders are offering now: email automatization. The only difference was that we had to write the code from scratch.

Being able to work with other IT professionals who actually knew what they were doing opened a world of possibilities for me. By studying their thinking, strategies, and decisions, I’ve “borrowed” different concepts and skills that I later integrated into my own thinking and acting.

Identify Your “PROs” and “CONs”

Self-awareness will serve you very well in your IT career. The more you understand your talents, skills, and traits the better you’ll be able to leverage them.

By understanding your flaws, you can simply avoid them or work on improving them if it’s really necessary. However, by focusing on your natural skills, you’ll gain a sense of direction and motivation to grow and become the best.


Starting a career in tech is a challenging yet truly rewarding effort. It’s not for everyone. However, since you’re here, reading strategies on how to start in IT, you’re probably ready to commit to the process.

Take my tips into consideration, learn some new ones tomorrow, and some new ones the next day after tomorrow. Be consistent, learn through practice, and keep your head up in the presence of failures and setbacks.

BIO: Alyssa Johnson is a passionate writer who regularly publishes blog posts in various magazines. As a young professional, she has chosen the freelancing environment over the corporate one and never looked back. Freedom is her motto.

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