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How to Stay Connected When Your Phone Has No Service

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On some occasions, your mobile network is weak and communication is hindered. People may get hurt down the road, or where you live in could be a power outage or a sudden medical emergency. In a real emergency, communication is vital for survival.

Survival preparation is not limited to storing enough food and medical supplies for emergencies. Having an efficient Off-Grid communication system that works under any condition is also an important part of the preparation for survival. In this article, I will show you how to turn your mobile phone into an Off-Grid communication device that works efficiently even when there is no power supply, mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Turn your phone to an Off-Grid communication device

Of course, you need a mobile phone, both Android or iOS will work. Besides, you will need a GoFindMe GPS tracker. It is a GPS tracking and communication device that works without cell service or monthly fee. You can pair it with your phone via Bluetooth and then you can use your phone to send voice or text messages without network coverage.

What Is GoFindMe

The GoFindMe GPS tracker looks like a big USB stick that can also be attached to a strap, packpack, or collar of a pet. It works without a SIM card or cellular connection and you can expect up to 8 km of communication range with the antenna extended. It also supports Mesh mode, so the communication range can be dramatically expanded if there are more people using this device.

The GoFindMe GPS Tracker battery should run for 72 hours with a single charge. The device will have an offline map, an off-network chat option (voice + message) and will not require a monthly subscription. It will also define a safe area for children and will have an SOS button for quick help.

The operation is simple. The person who wants to keep you safe will take the tracker with you. Then install the app and there it stops. When you, your child or your partner leave, you take the tracker with you. If there is an emergency, you can press the SOS button. This then immediately sends the signal to your app so that you know where the person is. You can then offer help or, if necessary, also immediately call the emergency services.

If necessary, you can also communicate with each other, so that you can clarify what the problems are. Of course you can also put the app on your own cell phone so that even when you get lost, you can still find it relatively easily where you were.

When Should You Use It?

Outdoor activities are entertaining whether with friends or family. However, not everyone advances at the same pace and a group can separate. A personal GPS tracker can help you in such a situation to locate all the people on a map and know where they are precisely and you avoid moments of anxiety.

The same is true if you bring your pet. You can spend a lot of time knowing where your dog has gone. While a simple GPS tracker around his neck will help you find your pet’s position at any time.

It is not only for outdoor activities that a GPS tracker is very useful. Think for example of your child going to school alone and as a parent, you cannot help but think if he is well. In such a situation, a GPS tracker can reassure you and offer you peace of mind.

You can also set up a safe area. That is, you can set on the map of the application, an area within which the target can move freely and which, if it is exceeded, the GPS tracker will immediately send you an alarm notification.

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